Nose + Chin Surgery

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How long is sliding genioplasty and Rhinoplasty recovery time?

I am seriously considering sliding genioplasty for a bigger chin and more defined jawline. I also want rhinoplasty to thin my nose from the front. I... READ MORE

Correction for an asymmetrical jaw-line & nose. What procedures can you recommend to correct this asymmetry? (Photo)

My nose points in one direction, and then my chin and jaw bend round to the opposite side. The jaw & chin are also lower on one side of my face. What... READ MORE

Chin Reduction for More Proportioned Face when Smiling?

My features in my face all over arr okay when I'm not smiling. But when I'm smiling, my face looks out of proportion. A big part of the problem is my... READ MORE

How can I get rid of my pointy chin? (Photo)

Hi There, I am 21 years old, with a pointy chin and pointy nose. My main concern is how to just round off my pointy chin just a little bit. What would... READ MORE

Would chin contouring correct my protruding chin? (Photo)

I've always been self conscious of my chin. It's square which really doesn't bother me, but it sticks out, especially when I smile. My nose is also... READ MORE

How can I make my side profile look more aesthetic? (Photo)

I have been very unhappy with my side profile for a while now. I how contemplating different procedures (rhinoplasty, chin liposuction, genioplasty... READ MORE

I'm a 16-year-old with long face syndrome caused by mouth breathing as a child. What can be done to improve my facial structure?

Mouth breathing as a child has left me with an extremely long and thin face. It has also left me with a severe underbite/crossbite and crowding of my... READ MORE

Fixing my "witch's chin"? As well as possible rhinoplasty? (Photo)

What kind of procedure should I get to fix my protruding chin? I am very self conscious of my side profile, because of it. I would also like to soften... READ MORE

Asymmetric lower face/jaw even after cross bite jaw surgery. Should I consider nose job and jaw implants? (Photo)

I got corrective jaw surgery three years ago and cannot overcome issues with one side of my face looking week and manly. I also dislike my nose... READ MORE

Cleft chin and one side is longer. Can this be fixed? Also, my chin is a little longer than I'd like. (Photo)

I never like my chin. it is long and cleft. One side of my chin, my t, sticks out further. This is troubling. Can there be something out there to help... READ MORE

​I have a asymmetrical face mainly in my jaw, nose, chin. What procedures would I need to reach my desired look? (photo)

What procedures would I have to undergo to reach my desired look? And is this a realistic goal? And what would I be looking price range to obtain... READ MORE

What would you recommend to fix my Chin asymmetry (also, lip and nose asymmetry)? (photos)

Hello, I have pronounced asymmetry along my chin(jaw). Adding to my asymmetry, my nose deviates to (my) right, and my upper lip along with it. I have... READ MORE

Weak Chin, Labiomental Fold and Nose Hump. Is sliding genioplasty a good idea? (Photo)

Hello, I'm a 18 years old male. Since I was young I've always been bullied because of my face, I suffered with acne for years and now I suffer with... READ MORE

What type of chin surgery is needed? (photos)

Hi, I want to get a nose job and a chin reduction, as u can see in the smiling picture my chin is very prominent and grows even longer when I smile,... READ MORE

What are my options for chin reduction and nose shortening? (Photo)

My nose is straight but it seems a little too long. My chin is too long I don't know if it is the fat directly on my chin or the bone itself but when... READ MORE

Could genioplasty achieve these results? (Photo)

I have previously considered rhinoplasty and a chin implant to improve my poor side profile, but I have recently heard of genioplasty and have been... READ MORE

Will Upper Jaw Surgery Fix a Fat Upper Lip Area and Willt he Projection of my Nose be Affected?

Can the upper jaw ( upper lip area) be taken backwards to help with a fat upper lip area?. i sort of have a monkey lip area. i think it would also be... READ MORE

How can I change my chin so that it doesn't stick out too much? (Photo)

I dont really mind my face from the front but i always get uncomfortable when people sit on my side, because then they can see my profile and i... READ MORE

I feel like my nose is a little bit crooked and my jaw is clearly asymmetric. (Photo)

My lips line up quite well, but why are my lower jaw still asymmetric? I also feel like my jaw is too vertically long. What can be done to fix this?... READ MORE

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