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My Genioplasty is Asymmetric; Does Everything Look Normal in the Xrays? (photo)

Hi, I had an advancement genioplasty 6 weeks ago (4-5mm). The swelling is almost gone, but my chin is not symetric at all. It's like it's sliding to... READ MORE

Is Chin Augmentation with Fat Transfer Commonly Done Now?

My son went to see a plastic surgeon for rhinoplasty and chin augmentation. THe surgeon recommended fat transfer. I think he is very comfortable with... READ MORE

Is it normal to have a crooked smile after 2 months of chin reduction surgery?

2 months for my chin reduction surgery, I still can't smile very well And i have a crooked smile! is that normal? will it come back to normal with... READ MORE

Do I have a weak chin, and if so, what would be my best course of action? (Photos)

In some photos my chin looks absolutely normal, while in some it looks a bit short and weird. My jawline, on the other hand, is pretty developed and... READ MORE

Chin vertical height reduction. Is this realistic? (photos)

I am 29 years old and have always been aware that my facial proportions could be more attractive, I have a long face. Surgically lowering my hairline... READ MORE

Is it normal to be in extreme internal discomfort 6 weeks after chin lift surgery? (Photos)

Have deep creases and rope like bands from ear to ear. Feels like being strangled 24/7 so tight Range of motion and hear on right side is impaired READ MORE

I just had my second chin augmentation. Is a dent normal? (Photo)

Will the dent go away? It looks bad. I'm worried I'll have this forever. My doctor hasn't said anything. READ MORE

Would it be possible to do something to my chin so it would appear normal? (photo)

Would it be possible to reconstruct or displace my jaw so it would appear that i have a normal face. If you can see it is moved a little forward, i... READ MORE

Skin under chin thin and loosening at age 27?

I am 27 and the skin under my chin meeting my neck is already thinning and two slightly hanging folds are appearing. It's most noticeable when I turn... READ MORE

Under my chin cut with stitches: now stitches are uneven like a bump at the bottom. (photos)

How much to re shape back to normal am remove stitches scar. .i got cut with knife got stitches now have lump an scare READ MORE

Which procedure would fix the lump on my scar?

I fell face first into glass i had got between 70 to 100 stitches A flap opened up on my left chin. It was stitched revision surg after ER visit... READ MORE

Chin reduction surgery with fat tissue removed - will my face look bigger? (Photos)

I got a chin reduction and had some fat tissue removed . He burred down 3mm will I be able to see a difference after swelling goes down? Also afraid... READ MORE

What Pre-op Steps Should Take Place Before a Sliding Genioplasty Reduction?

At a top 20 university collage/hospital in the US, I had a consultation with a surgeon about getting a sliding genioplasty reduction (vertical chin... READ MORE

Is lower lip restriction normal after sliding genioplasty or is something wrong? Smile is ruined! Doc says wait. Nervous (Photo)

7 days ago I underwent sliding genioplasty / buccal fat removal / cheek implants / and jawline implants. I am swollen but I am stressing about my... READ MORE

I had a sliding genioplasty around 6 months ago but my mouth area is still very tight. Is this normal?

I had surgery with whom I considered to be a good genioplasty surgeon; Unfortunately my result is less than ideal. My chin is still numb and swelling... READ MORE

I Had a Cheek/neck Lift Done 6 Days Ago. Should the Area Under my Chin Be Completely Smooth?

Directly following a cheek/neck lift (platysmaplasty) surgery, the area under my chin was completely smooth without dents or any signs of platysma... READ MORE

Genioplasty, very sensitive teeth. Is this normal?

I had a sliding genioplasty 3 months ago and everything went well and the swelling went down in about 3 weeks but I'm still numb on the right side... READ MORE

i have a small jaw and I'd like to make it look more normal. Any suggestions? (photo)

I'm 19 years old, So my jaw is not going to grow anymore. I was thinking in using GH hormone to make it grow more,but i don't know much about it. READ MORE

Is it normal to get a double chin when looking down? (Photo)

Is this a normal jawline? I never noticed it before until recently, I have always been Skinny but lately I noticed looking down the skin catches on my... READ MORE

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