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Non-surgical Chin Enhancement - Is This Realistic?

I used to think that I had a very large nose and needed it to be reduced, but now I clearly see that my lack of a masculine chin and jawline makes me... READ MORE

My Chin Sticks Down when I Smile from the Side. What Procedure Would Be Best to Fix This?

I prefer to do a non-surgical procedure so would a non-surgical chin implant help? I also plan on having the non-surgical jaw shaving done as well to... READ MORE

Non Surgical Option for Double Chin?

I have lost 30 lbs over the last 8 months. Now my double chin is worse. What is the best non surgical option? READ MORE

I want to increase my chin size about 0.5 cm vertically and horizontally, is there any exercise ?

I have heard about non-surgical chin augmentation and it seems to be very risky in the sense if i get my chin hurt by mistakenly would that lead to... READ MORE

Best Non Surgical Way to Get Rid of Double Chin?

Hi everyone! Thanks for reading. There are so many new procedures to get rid of excess fat under the chin I really do not know what is best. I'm... READ MORE

What can I do to increase the size of my masseter muscles?

I want my jaw to be similar to the actor James Hyde, and although my jaw is similar in size my masseters aren't as large as his, I don't want plastic... READ MORE

I have a long chin. Any non surgical solutions? (Photo)

I heard some doctors use botox for square jawlines could this help my case ? READ MORE

Can I fix my small pointed chin with a non-surgical solution? (Photo)

I have a sharp angled heart shaped face that I feel distracts and would like a softer less angular chin. A chin that doesn't distract but balances my... READ MORE

My jawline is becoming weaker. Is there any non surgical method to improve it? (Photo)

Here are some pictures when I was 11 and now (I'm 19). The jawline is becoming weaker and the skin below my jaw seems to sag, as a result I've started... READ MORE

What would you recommend to fix my Chin asymmetry (also, lip and nose asymmetry)? (photos)

Hello, I have pronounced asymmetry along my chin(jaw). Adding to my asymmetry, my nose deviates to (my) right, and my upper lip along with it. I have... READ MORE

Facial exercise to tone chin and jaw?

I am doing facial exercise for my jaw and chin-just facial movements-------everyday-it does really seem to help--------then i read that this was bad... READ MORE

Non-surgical or surgical Chin Augmentation? (photo)

My neck almost directly continues into my face. I realize a chin implant might be the best solution, but I am feeling hesitant about having surgery. I... READ MORE

How to correct a receding chin? (photos)

Hello. I'm 18 and when I turned 13 I had braces for two years to fix my bite (but I still feel like I have an overbite!). My teeth are completely... READ MORE

What options are there to surgically or non surgically make my chin not protrude? (Photo)

What options are there to reduce my chin i hate it it makes me feel so low as i dont like the way my profile looks everyone ove asked says its fine... READ MORE

Would I benefit from a non surgical chin augmentation? (photos)

I've always been conscious of my lower lip protruding and being bigger than my top lip. The bottom lip almost sags. I'm not sure whether I need a chin... READ MORE

Can I do anything about the extra fat on the end of my chin without getting surgery? (Photo)

My chin sticks out wayyy too far when I have a straight face and also when I smile and people have made fun of me for it and I tried "exercising" it... READ MORE

Is it possible get rid of pointy chin and make my face round again without using surgery?

I have a round face but last month i have used a daiso face roller and it damage my face after using it for 4 days. My face becomes heart and not good... READ MORE

Is it possible to change my chin shape? (photos)

Is it possible to change my chin shape? I don't like how it's round and everything and I want it flat or at least a little flat. I also have a problem... READ MORE

Is there anyway I can get that bit of fat above my chin to get bigger naturally? (photo)

The photo that I have submitted is my cousins chin. I have always wanted one similar. See the crease above his chin under his lip? That what I would... READ MORE

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