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Reduce chin and shape jaw? (photos)

I feel as though I have a larger lower half of my face, as in long. I have an extremely narrow face, with a long chin (especially when I smile, and... READ MORE

My face is long and narrow! I hate my chin and would a reduction. What surgery would be best? (photo)

I have been looking on your site and I have the same problem. What surgery would be best? Can I still have it Altough I have a chin dimple? READ MORE

Shaving/burring Method to Narrow Chin?

Is it possible to narrow the chin with the blurring/shaving method. I feel if I got a chin implant it will make my face look longer and the chin wider. READ MORE

Any recommended surgery for my jaw/ chin or my overall face? (photos)

Can anyone recommend a procedure that will help my jaw or chin? I hate the lower half of my face because it makes my face look long and more narrow.... READ MORE

Sliding Genioplasty or chin implant? Also, how far an advancement is needed? (photo)

Looking for a natural advancement in my lower face. Not looking to add much length because my face is already long and narrow. READ MORE

How can I go about reducing a High Mandibular Gonial Angle and a short chin? (Photo)

I have quite a narrow face and high mandibular gonial angle, additionally, I feel that the distance between the end of my chin and my neck is too... READ MORE

Are these expectations reasonable for a chin reduction genioplasty (shortening and narrowing)? (Photo)

I feel like my chin/lower face is too long and too wide/"square" - I feel like it makes me look masculine. I've attached pics of what I'd like to get... READ MORE

V line surgery? Can the surgery not only narrow the area but also shorten the jaw line?

Hey doctors. I find my jawline not in proportion to the rest of my face. If I gain weight, it sit on my cheeks which makes me feel heavy in the area... READ MORE

Can a sliding genioplasty widen a narrow pointy chin?

I have read that it is possible to widen a narrow chin by cutting the jaw in the middle and widening it. Can you provide projection and width... READ MORE

Narrow face and prominent chin: chin reduction surgery? (photos)

I was thinking of chin reduction surgery due to how it became more prominent. I don't have molars anymore and in time I noticed my face became longer.... READ MORE

My 21 year old daughter is unhappy with her inverted drop of water face. What can be done to bring balance? (photo)

Head is narrow face is narrow weak chin minimally defined jaw line.per orthodontist bite is good. She would like Mose defined jaw line READ MORE

I would like to see how I can achieve a more chiseled, tapered jaw line and narrower chin. (Photo)

I have prominent cheekbones and a slightly wide jaw which adds excessive bulk to the lower portion of my face. While my face is long and I have a... READ MORE

What procedure should I get for my chin? (photos)

I've always been unsatisfied with my round as well as asymmetrical chin. I would like my chin to have a more narrow and defined V-shape. What... READ MORE

What can be done to balance my narrow lower face, underdeveloped chin? I'm 51-years old. (Photo)

I had a chin implant put in 1995, but as of 5 years ago, my dentist couldn't see it on an X-ray (done for an unrelated matter). The area from right... READ MORE

What is going on with my weak, undefined neck/jaw? (photos)

Please help, this is making me so selfconcious. I really want to get treatment to fix my horrible weak jaw/undefined neck but I don't know what the... READ MORE

Ideal ratio for aesthetically beautiful chin/mouth?

I understand all faces are different, and there's no perfect answer, but what are the general guidelines/ratio for an aesthetically pleasing chin?... READ MORE

Will jaw/palatal expender help me with my long face problem. If not, is there anything to fix my narrow jaw?

Hello! I am 29 y/o and I have crowded lower teeth whereas my upper teeth started to lose its straight shape due to losing one upper tooth in the right... READ MORE

Is There a Specific Surgery to Define a Bulky/round Chin to a More Feminine Pointed Shape?

Hi, I have what I feel to be quite an undefined and bulky chin, like the space between my lips and the edges of my face is too large. Most surgery I... READ MORE

T-Osteotomy/V-Line Surgery in Toronto?

There seem to be a few doctors in North America who offer T-Osteotomy/V-Line Surgery, but in Toronto I can only find ones offering masseter botox,... READ MORE

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