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Chin wrinkles - chin surgery or jaw surgery? (photos)

My chin wrinkles anytime I want to close my mouth. So I don't close my mouth, because it's like doing an effort ! I don't know how I can fix it !... READ MORE

Unhappy With Long Mouth and Upturned Chin, What Would You Recommend? (photo)

Hi I Am Simar from India I Have Problem with my Face my my Mouth is Long and my Chin is Turns Forward Like Wwe Superstars Khali READ MORE

My chin/jaw but it's crooked, which makes my mouth, chin, and teeth crooked as well. Any suggestion? (photos)

I'd like to know what it may be and what surgery I could get done to fix it. My chin slants to one side of my face instead of being symmetrical. My... READ MORE

What kind of surgical procedure do I need to correct my face/chin? (photos)

I'm not sure what type of surgery I need, but I figure it has to do with the chin. I have attached pictures so you can see my face at different angles... READ MORE

What's wrong with my chin? (photos)

When I have my mouth open my chin is normal. When I close my mouth it gets wrinkles. It almost feels forced to close my mouth, what do I need to do... READ MORE

I've noticed that I have two dimples down my mouth area. They really bother me. Any suggestions? (photos)

I dont understand wht they are, How can I get rid of them? And I have a cleft chin, which I don't like. What can I do about these two issues? READ MORE

Female, uneven nose, jaw, and mouth. What is the best procedure(s) to correct facial asymmetry? (photo)

I have a lot of asymmetry in my face. I had braces for 4 years. What is the best procedure or combination of procedures to help make my face look... READ MORE

Ideal ratio for aesthetically beautiful chin/mouth?

I understand all faces are different, and there's no perfect answer, but what are the general guidelines/ratio for an aesthetically pleasing chin?... READ MORE

How can I tell the difference between a protruding mouth and a weak chin?

Hi there. I'm a Caucasian male a bit curious because from the front my chin looks anything but weak, it is long and proportionate to my face,... READ MORE

My mouth is not relaxed when it is closed. Should I get chin surgery? (Photo)

Whenever I close my mouth, I have to hold my mouth closed. My mouth is not relaxed when closed. The only time my chin is relaxed is when my mouth is... READ MORE

Corrective surgery for jaw line/mouth/chin? (Photo)

I really dislike my smile; I got Invisalign braces to push my teeth back (My pallet was triangular instead of arch) but am still unsatisfied with the... READ MORE

Is It possible to lower the position of my mouth? (photo)

The space between my mouth and nose have always been tiny but my chin is quite long. So I feel like my mouth is in a strange place. Is it possible to... READ MORE

I can't open my mouth wide, and can only fit in 2 fingers after face surgery. Is this normal?

I had surgery done to my face, i had cheekbone reduction and jawline shaved a little and and chin appear more longer. is been three weeks but i still... READ MORE

Why do I have a prune chin now when closing my mouth after genioplasty?

I had sliding genioplasty (and revision surgery) and now my chin muscle dimples strongly upon lip closure. I never had this problem originally. I know... READ MORE

Non-invasive options for saggy skin after double jaw surgery?

I had double jaw surgery 4 months ago. While I'm happy with the results, I've noticed that the area around my jowls and mouth look a little saggy (my... READ MORE

I had a sliding genioplasty around 6 months ago but my mouth area is still very tight. Is this normal?

I had surgery with whom I considered to be a good genioplasty surgeon; Unfortunately my result is less than ideal. My chin is still numb and swelling... READ MORE

How long after a sliding genioplasty can I fully open my mouth and smile?

In a week I have a dental appointment to tightened my braces but 3 weeks having a sliding genioplasty, I still can't fully open my mouth. How soon... READ MORE

Follow-up Question - Sliding Genioplasty 6 weeks ago, still have red lumps inside lower lip. What should I do?

Hi! 6 weeks after s.g, I am still having problems with 2 red inflamed lumps on the inside of my mouth (right where incisions are). I first thought... READ MORE

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