Mentalis Strain + Chin Surgery

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Does removing the plate and screws from a sliding genioplasty compromise the mentalis muscle?

I had a sliding genioplasty and will reverse it. I also have some soft tissue ptosis which I assume is the mentalis muscle and may need a mentalis... READ MORE

Is It Really Possible to Have an Effective Mentalis Muscle Resuspension Surgery That Lasts More Than a Few Months?

I fractured my mandible two years ago and the mentalis muscle was detached from the chin during surgery. Since then I have had two other surgeries... READ MORE

Can 5-FU be used on the chin/mentalis muscle to break down scar tissue adhesions and reduce dimpling?

I have mentalis strain after genioplasty. I'm told it's scar tissue. Can 5-FU be injected to decrease the dimpling/wrinkling and strain? I never had... READ MORE

What do I need to have done so I can close my mouth and to fix receding chin? (photos)

I cannot close my lips without a lot of strain, so can only be done for short bursts and looks odd because upper lip has to strain a lot to reach... READ MORE

Combining chin revision with VY lip plasty?

I need to have a sliding genioplasty revision and I also want to address how my lip is now smaller. Can anyone explain why this is? Would reducing the... READ MORE

Mentalis resuspension needed after lag screws used?

I had a sliding genio advancement and lag screws were used instead of a plate. My lower lip is now lower, thinner, inverted, I have lip incompetence... READ MORE

What's wrong with my chin? Is it mentalis strain or something else? Do you think it could be corrected? (Photo)

I'm 23 years old and it's something i've had for a long time but it's only recently i've become really self conscious about it a long with my front... READ MORE

Can chin be fixed after two failed mentalis resuspension surgeries? (Photo)

5 years ago I fractured jaw and surgeon failed to properly reconnect mentalis. I then underwent two mentalis resuspension surgeries. Both worked... READ MORE

Are there different ways to dissect and resuspend the mentalis muscle in chin surgery?

Such as different tools, incision techniques, suturing techniques, etc. Is this any different if a revision is needed? READ MORE

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