Masculine + Chin Surgery

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Should I Change my Nose or my Chin? (photo)

My face is masculine - I am insecure about it and wish it was more symmetrical - do you think that enhancing my chin would be enough to improve my... READ MORE

Chin Surgery or Jaw Surgery? (photo)

What procedure can I do to make my face more feminine? I am a 19 year old girl but my face looks so masculine. My chin has slight cleft and it juts... READ MORE

Chin Implant or Genioplasty Suitable for Me? (photo)

I work in the fashion industry. I've been planning on strenghten my jaw a bit to get a more masculine appearance. I feel my face shape isn't chiseled... READ MORE

What Kind of Operation or Surgery Can Be Done to Fix my Chin? (photo)

I really want a strong chin without the crease, george clooney like chin and strong jaw line to make me more attractive? i think it is a weak chin and... READ MORE

Will a Chin Reduction Improve my Looks? (photo)

I feel that my face bone structure is too masculine. My chin in particular is wide and squarish from the front. The profile view is okay. I would like... READ MORE

Reserving a Sliding Genioplasty?

Hi, I'm unsatisfied with my sliding genioplasty which done about 8 months ago and would like to consider a partial reversal.  My doctor had moved... READ MORE

Possible to alter jaw and chin completely to achieve more masculine jawline?

I have always hated my chin and jawline, which is why I never keep my molars aligned and instead hold my front teeth together to give myself a bit... READ MORE

Doctor in Los Angeles that can change the shape of my mandible using jaw shaving technique to make my face slimmer? (photo)

Hello I am a 24 years old female. I feel that I have a masculine jawline and I would like to make it look more feminine so that my face could appear... READ MORE

Im Going to Have a Genioplasty, Will It Make My Face Masculine? (photo)

I want to advance my chin,but i have also an overprojected nose with a hump,will the genioplasty make my face to masculine because my nose also... READ MORE

Weak jawline/chin and overbite- Could I benefit from any of the various surgeries for a more masculine appearance? (photo)

I'm curious as to what combination of the following procedures would be the most beneficial for attaining a more masculine face. If there are any... READ MORE

I want my face structure to be more proportionate, what surgery is recommended for this? (photo)

I think my bone structure is too manly. My chin makes my face look long and jaw bones are quite broad. I've heard of jaw shaving and chin augmentation... READ MORE

Weak Chin?

I have a question regarding my chin. I'm not sure exactly what's wrong; if it's weak/flat/hollow? I feel like my chin gives me a bit of a masculine... READ MORE

How much vertical length can a sliding genioplasty add to my chin?

Hey i want a taller and more masculine chin. I thought sliding genioplasty might be right for this. I've read that vertical increases from 10 to... READ MORE

What could I do to fix my mandible shape? The issue I have is my face has a masculine look to it. (photos)

I have what I consider a rectangular face shape. I have a larger forehead and I also have a square jawline. my chin points out a little. with my... READ MORE

Jaw reduction or chin reduction? (Photo)

As you can see, my chin is huge and masculine. This simply doesn't look good on a female. I'm very self concious about it and it makes my face appear... READ MORE

Is a chin reduction better suited? (photos)

I'm a 20 year old male and I'm pretty confident in myself. The only thing that bothers me is my chin/jawline. My chin is way too long and when I smile... READ MORE

What can I do to get a more feminine jaw/chin? (photos)

I've always hated my jaw and chin. They're very masculine like and my chin protrudes. I hate taking pictures or even smiling because of it. What type... READ MORE

How to get a more masculine lower face? (photos)

Im not satisfied with my lower face. There is to problems. 1) My upper lip is very short 2) my jaw and lower face It's to pointy, like im Missing som... READ MORE

Do I have what would be considered to be a weak chin?? (photos)

I've always been paranoid about my chin since my father has what I would consider to be a strong , masculine chin. I feel I never inherited this trait... READ MORE

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