Mandible + Chin Surgery

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What are your thoughts about Genioplasty Step-off? (photo)

This probably lies in the realm of more complex orthognathic surgery. I am interested in getting a sliding genioplasty, with some horizontal and... READ MORE

Jawline recontouring (asymmetry in jawline) (Photo)

Hello, I had orthognathic surgery a year and a half ago (mandibular advancement and maxillary 3 piece lefort I). I was discussing with my OMFS... READ MORE

Any suggestions or tips for mandibular prognathism? (photos)

Also have concerns with cheek area. Need tips and suggestions before heading off to get surgery. I would hate to look like a fish after getting my... READ MORE

Vertical chin reduction; is there any solution on how to reduce the vertical height? (Photos)

I have a very long chin (in my opinion). is there any solution on how to reduce the vertical height? also, is my long chin the cause of why i have a... READ MORE

Is there a solution if I had a sliding genioplasty and years later decided to get a mandible osteotomy? (Photo)

Would the sliding genioplasty have to be revered or is my chin slanted enough that it wouldn't a problem if I eventually had both done? the... READ MORE

I feel as if my mandible is extremely weak. Would a sliding genioplasty make the jaw look bigger or only the chin? (Photo)

I think my chin and jaw are underdeveloped. I am thinking about a Rhinoplasty because I have a big nose that already dwarfs the size of my chin from... READ MORE

Poor chin and mandible growth due to mouth-breathing - should I get all of these procedures or skip one? (photos)

The Options: 1. BSSO + Genioplasty + Custom Wraparound Jawline Implant (Everything) 2. BSSO + Genioplasty + 2 Custom Jaw Angle Implants (No chin... READ MORE

In the absence of bimaxillary orthognathic surgery, will sliding genioplasty +custom alloplastics produce a good result? (Photo)

I am in the process of arranging to have a sliding genioplasty, and custom alloplastic implants for the mandible. Imaging is slightly out of date.... READ MORE

Masseter muscle reattachment after jaw implant?

I had mandible implants done a couple years back and the masseter muscle on one side separated from the bone. There's no pain but now I have an... READ MORE

I really really hate my big pointed chin and my mandible structure!!! I look horrible when I smile! What can I do? (photo)

Hi, What type of surgery do I need to correct my chin (front view and side view)? I want it to be shorter and wider (I want a more round face). When I... READ MORE

Genioplasty and wrap around implant?

Hello. I am very interested in getting a sliding genioplasty, due to my mentolabial fold under my mouth. I also feel my chin is too feminine and needs... READ MORE

Is shortening a face by 7 mm a drastic or subtle change? And will it make the face seem rounder?

I'm considering orthognathic surgery (Lefort I + bilateral sagittal osteotomies of mandibular ramus) & my oral surgeon says it will end up... READ MORE

Would sliding genioplasty be suitable for me? Or mandibular advancement?? (photos)

I Want to know if i am a good canidate for any procedures that can help my facial profile and unbalanced jaw Jawline asymmetry etc READ MORE

What would be the proper approach to fix a chin like this? (photos)

What would be the proper approach to fix a pointed chin like this? How can someone gain volume in the mandible body area to blend it into the jaw... READ MORE

Mandibular implants - Size and Options?

I would like to put some mandibular implants but i dont know why doctors dont recomend them much, also i wold like to know wich size is the smallest... READ MORE

10 yrs post op sliding genioplasty, I have pain and tightness under my mandible in and around the lymph node. Is this normal?

The pain emanates from where the notch was made, especially around the lymph node under my mandible. It feels very tender if I touch it. I would say... READ MORE

I was looking at genioplasty, but a lower jaw osteotomy has been recommended. Is it my jaw or chin that's the issue? (Photo)

Hi, I've been very unhappy with my side profile and oblique view for a while now. When I jut my jaw forward (see pics), my profile looks much better,... READ MORE

14 days post-op 6mm reduction in the mandible and sliding genioplasty (1cm forward).

2 weeks ago I had Lefort 1 (6mm reduction in This has improved lip incompetence at rest although you can see why bottom teeth which you couldn't... READ MORE

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