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There is a Lump On my Chin Area From A Hard Blow, What Could it Be?

I had a hard blow to my lower lip and chin area 1 week ago. My mouth was cut from the inside by my teeth. It seems to be healing, but there is a hard... READ MORE

Help with firm painful lumps and redness from silicone injection in chin (Photo)

At first it was great, nice pointed chin. Needed a little more since my jaw looked kind of clenched needed from wide and taper at the chin. Later my... READ MORE

I have a lump on one side of my chin, how can I make it even again? (Photo)

I have a lump on one side of my chin after an accident when i was a younger. The bone was not affected at the time but scar tissue seems to have... READ MORE

What procedure(s) would help to better shape my lower face? (photos)

I am already getting a septoplasty so am not concerned about current nose crookedness, nor do I oppose the existing "bump." I am and have always been... READ MORE

Are lumps around my chin normal 1 week post op of chin reduction (shaving)?

Hey there doctors, my names Alexis I'm 25 and just had a chin reduction on 2/21/17. Today I noticed while slightly rubbing against my jawline down to... READ MORE

Follow-up Question - Sliding Genioplasty 6 weeks ago, still have red lumps inside lower lip. What should I do?

Hi! 6 weeks after s.g, I am still having problems with 2 red inflamed lumps on the inside of my mouth (right where incisions are). I first thought... READ MORE

Lump under jaw following sliding genioplasty. (photos)

Following surgery 4 months ago all swelling and numbness has gone, however under right side chin/jaw area what I thought was swelling is now more like... READ MORE

Right side pain/extreme swelling 6 months after sliding genioplasty?

Swelling came on the right side of my chin 1 month ago which gradually got worse, now the right side of my chin is very swollen/looks lopsided&... READ MORE

Chin lump from accident. Options to correct it? (Photo)

I have a small lump on my chin due to falling on my chin on concret and splitting chin open I had internal and external sutures. It's been 6 years... READ MORE

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