Long + Chin Surgery

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Can a Long Face Be Fixed with Plastic Surgery?

My face is very long, I have both a large forehead and a larger chin. I would not be interested in fillers to make it wider because I feel it would... READ MORE

Bone Osteotomy to Reduce AND Round off a Long, Pointy Chin?

I have a vertically long & pointy chin & am wanting to save up to have a chin reduction. I have made up my mind that it is what I want but I... READ MORE

My Long Chin is Bothering Me?

My chin looks like a witch's whenever I smile wide with my teeth shown. Any surgery that can reduce or remove the protruding part or reduce my chin? READ MORE

My Face is Long So It Appears That I Have a Long Chin. What Can I Do?

It is ok if i smile but if not my natural face looks sad.. READ MORE

What would you recommend to fix my pointed chin? (photos)

My chin is very pointed when smiling and looks overly long. From the side it also bulbs out of my jaw line. Is there a way to reduce the size or do... READ MORE

I Had a Sliding Genioplasty 12 Days Ago, my Face Looks Too Long; Should I Worry?

6 months ago, I had a chin contouring surgery that involved reducing the the height & witdh of my chin. This resulted in a receded chin, combined... READ MORE

I have a long chin. Any non surgical solutions? (Photo)

I heard some doctors use botox for square jawlines could this help my case ? READ MORE

Unhappy With Long Mouth and Upturned Chin, What Would You Recommend? (photo)

Hi I Am Simar from India I Have Problem with my Face my my Mouth is Long and my Chin is Turns Forward Like Wwe Superstars Khali READ MORE

Chin Reduction Candidate? (photo)

I have an Asian facial structure. I need advice about my chin. I feel like it dominates my face since its pretty "defined" and "elongated" and I'm a... READ MORE

It's Actually Possible to Have a Chin Reduction? (photo)

I have such a very long chin, is not big or prominent and I could say that my face looks fine from the front, but from the side you can actually see... READ MORE

Chin Reduction- What to expect/What is possible?

I'm 24 and ever since my rhinoplasty last Sept my chin has been driving me absolutely insane. Love my new nose but I feel like it now makes my chin... READ MORE

Cleft chin and one side is longer. Can this be fixed? Also, my chin is a little longer than I'd like. (Photo)

I never like my chin. it is long and cleft. One side of my chin, my t, sticks out further. This is troubling. Can there be something out there to help... READ MORE

My chin is fleshy and long. It protrudes more when I smile. What procedure do I need to reduce it for a natural look? (Photo)

What could I do to get a better side and front profile. It ruins my life and I've been bullied to the point where I know I am not normal for others to... READ MORE

I have a long chin. What are my options? (Photo)

I have kinda a long chin and it really bothers me I would like a face shape similar to miranda kerr READ MORE

Why my chin is long? Can you help me?

Im 15 years old and im been bullied because of my long chin. Its happen when i'm in grade three because of a accident and because of that my chin was... READ MORE

Chin Reduction to Shorten a Very Long Face

I have a very long face (23 cm), mostly because I have a big forehead and chin, though my mid face is fairly longer than average too. I would like to... READ MORE

My Chin Gets Long and Broad when I Smile, What Can Be Done to Correct This? (photo)

What are my options when it comes to fixing this? I have heard I can have botox injected, but I'm worried that injecting botox into my chin... READ MORE

Not Happy with Upper Jaw Surgery and Genioplasty? (photo)

I underwent upper jaw surgery and genioplasty June 5th 2013. It was suppose to be a double jaw operation but was changed the morning of the surgery. I... READ MORE

Long Face, and Chin. What Do You Recommend? (photo)

Hi - I have a long face and would like to know what would be the best procedure for me. I have a very oblong face, wide forehead and long chin. One... READ MORE

Reduce Vertical Height of Chin

Hello, I did an email consult with a surgeon in CA he said that the vertical height of my chin is "excessive" and that he would need to move... READ MORE

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