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Candidate For Sliding Genioplasty? Unhappy With Chin Implant.

I had a chin implant, but my profile and front view still are too short in vertical length. is a sliding genioplasty right for me. my totally face... READ MORE

I Need Vertical Lenth in my Chin, Chin Implant Not Helping,I Want a Enlongated Heart Shape Face.

I had chin implant doctor outside of US.The implant was boxy, gave me infection and was displaced so 2 mos back removed it and got a new silicone... READ MORE

Would sliding genioplasty to advance/lengthen my lower jaw improve my profile? Can I combine with lower face/neck lift? (Photo)

I've hated my profile all my life. I was tormented, called "frog" and even physically assaulted constantly as a child. It's affected my life... READ MORE

Would It Be Possible to Ellogate the Lower Jaw Forward and Move the Bottom Front Teeth Backwards?

I'd like to increase the prominence of my chin without implants, so would it be possible to ellongate my lower jaw forward and push the front on my... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Have a Chin Advancement and a Chin Implant Together?

I heard that you can't have a chin advancement and silicon implant at the same time because the silicon gets in and infects the exposed bone where... READ MORE

Aside from sliding genioplasty, what other surgical options exist for significant vertical lengthening of chin and jaw? (Photo)

My chin is very short. It is not overly recessed but looks so small with my lips (soon to be reduced) and the rest of my face. I've been told chin... READ MORE

What options are there for chin augmentation besides an implant (silicone or porex)?

I'm hoping to have my chin lengthen at least 1.5-2 cm. Would fat graft work and is it permanent? Any other permanent suggests? Thanks in advance. READ MORE

How far (in length) can you vertically lengthen a chin? (photos)

I am wanting a chin like the girl in the picture (I dont want to look like her, I just like her chin) To achieve her face shape what would that... READ MORE

Am I a candidate for sliding genioplasty? (photos)

I am looking for a way to lengthen my face and fix my crease under my lower lip. I want my jaw to be more defined like the pictures below. Is sliding... READ MORE

I have a small face, I would like to add vertical length and projection to my chin and jaw line, options? (photos)

I am 18 and i am 6 feet tall but my face is very small over a long neck which makes it look wierd mainly my chin is very small and less projected... READ MORE

Sliding genioplasty v chin implant, deep mentolabial fold. (Photo)

Hullo! Well, I'm thinking about a mentoplasty but I'm not sure whether a chin implant would work on me or not because of my deep mentolabial fold...... READ MORE

Are there any surgeons comfortable with performing genioplasty?

I would like to increase the vertical height of my face along with increasing the projection of my chin. READ MORE

Suggested procedure for chin lengthening? (Photos)

I have a small chin & it isnt proportional to my lips which are on the bigger side. My chin is receded and i'd like to lengthen it vertically... READ MORE

Small face: Am I a candidate for genioplasty? (photos)

I have a small face and I want to increase the length of my facial profile? Should I go for genioplasty? Will it make my face longer? Or should I go... READ MORE

I want know if also chin lengthening is required along with increase horizontally?

Should I get a chin lengthening done or should I just get a horizontal projection suggest please READ MORE

Will my chin become longer after singing too much?

Cause when I sing I open my mouth really big and I felt like my chin became like longer when I see the mirror . Thanks READ MORE

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