Labiomental + Chin Surgery

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Been bothered by my deep labiomental fold and aesthetics of my facial profile for some time. What is my Best Option? (photo)

I'm male, 19y.o., quite bothered about my chin aesthetics, espeically my unpleasant-looking labiomental fold. I have a slight overbite (the top teeth... READ MORE

Should I Get Chin Surgery Early for my Labiomental Fold As Im Only 19? (photo)

Im 19 years old and have a small chin with a labiomental fold which doesn't help. Im 6"3 and my face profile doesn't match my body which makes me feel... READ MORE

Implant or Genioplasty to Help A Slightly Retracting Chin? (photo)

Slightly retruded chin and deep labiomental sulcus. Lower lip angles outward. Need more vertical height. First facial PS said an implant would make... READ MORE

Will Sliding Genioplasty correct a short face/receding chin with deep labiomental fold? (photo)

This is a follow-up to my previous post. The original photo was too small so I am trying again. I am wondering if a sliding genioplasty will correct... READ MORE

Is there a way to fix my receding chin and deep labiomental fold? (Photo)

My chin is receding which means that my face seems imbalanced and that I have a poor profile. I am also particularly bothered by my really deep... READ MORE

Regarding chin augmentations: Is it possible to change the vertical HEIGHT (rel. to lip) of the labiomental crease? (photos)

I have a deep/low labiomental crease, and I think my face would look better not only with the labiomental crease filled, but also if it was a bit... READ MORE

Weak Chin, Labiomental Fold and Nose Hump. Is sliding genioplasty a good idea? (Photo)

Hello, I'm a 18 years old male. Since I was young I've always been bullied because of my face, I suffered with acne for years and now I suffer with... READ MORE

Deep labiomental fold and curved chin after sliding genioplasty. Will this subside with more time? (Photos

I'm 10 weeks post-op from a lower jaw advancement with a sliding genioplasty. My bite is fine now, but I am devastated with my chin results. Since I... READ MORE

Looking to balance profile & correct asymmetry. What would you recommend? (Photo)

I've always been very insecure about my profile & I really want to strengthen my jawline and chin, possibly by possibly adding length to my chin &... READ MORE

Treatment for prominent chin? (Photo)

I have for a long time disliked the appearance of my chin. The mentalist muscle is too large and kind of too tight(?). Well, it makes me look like I... READ MORE

What procedure would correct my chin and jaw and labiomental crease? (Photo)

I would like a perfect chin. Strong jaw line. No labiomental crease. It seems that there is excess skin on the chin which makes it fold over and form... READ MORE

What are the possible procedures to correct mental crease/labiomental & lip protrusion?

What are the possible procedures to correct lip protrusion? I've heard of chin implants & orthodontic treatment depending on the case but is there a... READ MORE

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