Indentation + Chin Surgery

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1.5 Yrs Post Sliding Genioplasty; Results Too Big and Asymmetric. What Can I Do? (photo)

About 1 and a half years ago I underwent a sliding genioplasty and had my chin advanced 10mm. I am unhappy with the results as I feel my chin looks... READ MORE

What can be done to smooth out a lumpy chin like Eminem's?

I'm a 19 year old female and I have a chin (and mouth area) exactly like Eminem's. Square, droopy, saggy, cleft chin, lumpy, indents, harsh shadows.... READ MORE

Chin Reduction for 21 year old girl? (photos)

I have always been insecure about my chin, mostly when i smile it shows an indent and would like to know what I should do to get a nice normal rounded... READ MORE

Best option to fix a long chin that looks like a puppet & long face? Would like to remove indentations/dimples in summer (Photo)

My chin looks very long when I smile. I don't want to have a long face. It also looks like a puppet due to lines that appear on both sides when I... READ MORE

Chin indentation while smiling? (Photo)

Hi! So, my question is referring to my chin. When my face is at rest, I do not have any sort of "dimpling". However, when I smile, I have an... READ MORE

What can I do cosmetically to get rid of this indention under my chin as well as the lines/pockets around it? (Photo)

I'm fine with my laugh lines but I have never liked my chin area. I have no issues with the dimples that form on my chin when I make it a certain way... READ MORE

Will a steriod shot break down the scar tissue caused by genioplasty?

After double jaw surgery and genioplasty it left me with a scar tissue between the chin and lower lip inside my mouth causing my lower lip to look... READ MORE

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