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Can Genioplasty improve my look? (photos)

Well i know i have issues with my jaw. It's clear that they're not in right position. But my ortho said my bite can be fixed with braces. Then only... READ MORE

I'm a 16-year-old with long face syndrome caused by mouth breathing as a child. What can be done to improve my facial structure?

Mouth breathing as a child has left me with an extremely long and thin face. It has also left me with a severe underbite/crossbite and crowding of my... READ MORE

I want to know if I'm eligible for chin improvements as I feel my chin is weak and also a rhinoplasty? (photos)

Here is my side view I had treatment for my underbite when I had braces but I was young so I got them removed early and now I'm getting quite self... READ MORE

How to get strong defined jaw and chin? (photos)

I want my jaw to look straight and my chin to be defined,but it is round now,does slidin genioplasty or osetomy help to improve my appearance? READ MORE

Jaw/Cheek/Chin Improvement? (photos)

I'm hoping to achieve a more masculine jaw, and a more angular lower face. As it is right now my face is more rounded, and i have full cheeks. READ MORE

How can I improve my chin?

Can anything be done to remove a but chin? READ MORE

What can I do to improve my facial appearance? (photos)

I am very self conscious about my weak chin, small upper lip and facial asymmetry. Would a sliding genioplasty work for me? READ MORE

Chin surgery after upper and lower jaw surgery? (Photo)

I have had upperr and lower jaw surgery for third class malocclusione about 5 years ago. I will I am still not completed. Surgery was done in public... READ MORE

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