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I'm a 16-year-old with long face syndrome caused by mouth breathing as a child. What can be done to improve my facial structure?

Mouth breathing as a child has left me with an extremely long and thin face. It has also left me with a severe underbite/crossbite and crowding of my... READ MORE

Can Genioplasty improve my look? (photos)

Well i know i have issues with my jaw. It's clear that they're not in right position. But my ortho said my bite can be fixed with braces. Then only... READ MORE

Long chin that juts out when I smile.

My smile is slightly recessed from my side profile but its long and large from the front , this gets worse when i smile and takes away from my smile.... READ MORE

Would a sliding genioplasty improve both chin and neck? (Photos)

I have an underdeveloped jaw and weak chin, which the orthodontic practices of the 1980s didn’t help. Now at 46, the skin is loosening under my chin. ... READ MORE

What can I do to even out and slim/define my lower face? (photos)

I am desperate to improve the shape of my lower face. I feel as if my lower face is fat, specifically in the cheek area and around my mouth. My cheeks... READ MORE

Jaw/Cheek/Chin Improvement? (photos)

I'm hoping to achieve a more masculine jaw, and a more angular lower face. As it is right now my face is more rounded, and i have full cheeks. READ MORE

I want to know if I'm eligible for chin improvements as I feel my chin is weak and also a rhinoplasty? (photos)

Here is my side view I had treatment for my underbite when I had braces but I was young so I got them removed early and now I'm getting quite self... READ MORE

My jaw is asymmetrical and it's really bothering me, what can I do to improve it? (photo)

The right side of my face is visibly sculpted, while the left side is round. It looks fine to me in the mirror, but I think it looks bad in pictures.... READ MORE

What can I do to improve my facial appearance? (photos)

I am very self conscious about my weak chin, small upper lip and facial asymmetry. Would a sliding genioplasty work for me? READ MORE

How to get strong defined jaw and chin? (photos)

I want my jaw to look straight and my chin to be defined,but it is round now,does slidin genioplasty or osetomy help to improve my appearance? READ MORE

Chin surgery after upper and lower jaw surgery? (Photo)

I have had upperr and lower jaw surgery for third class malocclusione about 5 years ago. I will I am still not completed. Surgery was done in public... READ MORE

I'm getting a rhinoplasty. Am I also a good candidate for a chin augmentation? (photos)

Hello! So I'm frustrated with my long, sideways-slanting nose and my round face shape (square-ish jaw). I'm finally getting a rhinoplasty, after 5... READ MORE

Vertical Chin Augmentation? (photos)

I've already posted a couple questions on Chin Augmentation, but I was curious. Would I benefit from any Vertical Improvement in the front? READ MORE

How to Improve Uneven Face? (photos)

Hi doctors! I really need your help, because I don't know what to do:(. As you can see in the picture my face is asymmetrical. It really bugs me! Any... READ MORE

Genioplasty 1.5 years ago - corrections on chin? (photos)

Hello, I've had a genioplasty 1.5 years ago. Everything healed and I have no complications but I have some problems with the result and I'm also... READ MORE

How can I improve my chin?

Can anything be done to remove a but chin? READ MORE

What can I do to improve the look of my lower face? (Photos)

I am 32 and have recently aged dramatically around my mouth and chin. I am so self conscious about this. Please could you tell me what I could look at... READ MORE

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