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How Can the Cleft in my Chin Be Removed?

I feel as though my chin appears too masculine and I want something done to achieve a more feminine and youthful appearance. After four consultations,... READ MORE

How would I go about a more feminine chin? (photos)

I have never liked my smile because of the way my chin bulges out (reminds me of a witch's chin). However, I'm not exactly sure how to go about... READ MORE

I have a "witch's chin". What procedure would best give me a more feminine and aesthetically pleasing appearance? (photo)

My chin seems too long and pointy for my face, makes me look less feminine, and even angry or mean at certain angles. Long ago, my orthodontist told... READ MORE

Is there any safe way I can get a more feminine chin? (photo)

My chin is fairly big and square and I feel very insecure about it. It's not big to the point where it's he first thing people notice, but I hate it... READ MORE

Any suggestions or tips for mandibular prognathism? (photos)

Also have concerns with cheek area. Need tips and suggestions before heading off to get surgery. I would hate to look like a fish after getting my... READ MORE

Any suggestions on my nose/ Jutted Chin reduction? (photos)

Hey, My side profile is very 'witchy', especially when I smile and I find my chin very square (cheers Dad). I'm not looking to super change my... READ MORE

Could my chin/jaw be more feminine looking and less defined? (Photo)

It seems like my chin and jaw area looks sort of square and masculine looking. Is there anyway to make it a bit more feminine. Thanks READ MORE

How can I feminize my face and make my chin less boxy?

How can I feminize my face and make my chin less boxy READ MORE

Feminizing the face. Would fixing my nose/chin make a difference? (Photo)

I think my frontal appearance is great, however the story with my profile couldn't be more different. I look very masculine from the side and want to... READ MORE

What type of surgery or procedure do I need to fix my protruding chin? A genioplasty? (Photo)

I will be 19 years old in a few months. I was always insecure about my profile, my chin and jaw ever since I was little. I got braces thinking it... READ MORE

Would a chin reduction make me look more feminine, or do I need more than that? (Photo)

My face has a crescent shape and I'd like to look more feminine. I don't want to get my Chin pushed back if it Will look awkward. Is there anything... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for genioplasty? (photo)

I am self conscious of my receding profile and long lower half of my face. My chin is rotated down and back and this also results in a mild mentalis... READ MORE

What can I do to get a more feminine jaw/chin? (photos)

I've always hated my jaw and chin. They're very masculine like and my chin protrudes. I hate taking pictures or even smiling because of it. What type... READ MORE

Getting my chin reshaped, will that make my face more feminine? (photo)

I am a 21 yr old female and I want to get my chin reshaped. I want it to be more pointed. Would that be possible? I feel like the bottom of my face is... READ MORE

I want a more feminine face and I'm curious about which procedures would sharpen my features. (photos)

My chin is strange. I had an accident that dented it in slightly and the scar tissue healed in a thick manner. My nose is far too large. I have also... READ MORE

How would I go about a more feminine chin? (Photos)

I've been really self-conscious of my chin since I was a teenager (I'm in my 20s now). Is it  my chin?  I've always had a very masculine and... READ MORE

Would like to feminize my face but don't want a plastic doll look. What facial surgeries would give me a feminine natural look?

Not looking to look overtly plastic or Barbie perfect, just a more feminine natural appearance in my face. Please make any suggestions or... READ MORE

Jawline to Look More Feminine

Is there a way to make my jawline curve slightly upward? I'd like my jawline to look more feminine looking. READ MORE

Do I need chin reduction? (Photo)

My fiancé always says I have a massive chin as a joke but I always thought I had a small chin, do I need chin reduction? How can I make my lower face ... READ MORE

What procedures do I need to look more feminine and how much would it cost? (Photo)

I was thinking of getting a chin implant,nose job and jaw reduction. For the pink circle, I was wondering why it bulge out like that? I feel like my... READ MORE

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