Fat + Chin Surgery

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How Can I Reshape my Chin when 2 Surgeons Already Declined?

I need to know what ways my chin can be reshaped. From profile view, it looks proportionate to my face, but from frontal view it looks long and... READ MORE

What can I do about my prominent chin? (photos)

It looks pointer after rhinoplasty. Is there somethings I can do to correct this. It looks like fat is situated on my chin. It sort of looks like an... READ MORE

Do I Need Chin Reduction?

I use to have a smaller chin when I was 21, now I feel it has either 'gone bigger' or I have 'gained fat' on my face (blame it on my... READ MORE

How do I get the hump of fat removed from my chin? (Photo)

My chin pokes out way to far. Ive been made fun of all my life and i think if i got my jaw fixed then id be so much happier with myself. So i just... READ MORE

Is chin reduction easier if the excess is not bone?

I'm a 53-year-old woman with a big chin. In profile, especially when I'm smiling, I think it looks like a witch's chin. My jawbone seems normal. I can... READ MORE

How to fix prominent chin "fat pads"? How much would it cost? (photos)

My actual jaw bone is okay to me, but my chin has this excess fat at the end and protrudes. I have this really deep line and from the side it's not... READ MORE

Post-op sliding genioplasty: is this fat underneath my chin or the new shape of my face of just swelling? (Photos)

I am around 2 1/2 weeks post op from my sliding genioplasty. My surgeon advanced my chin 6 mm and brought it up a few mm. But now it looks like the... READ MORE

Can I do anything about the extra fat on the end of my chin without getting surgery? (Photo)

My chin sticks out wayyy too far when I have a straight face and also when I smile and people have made fun of me for it and I tried "exercising" it... READ MORE

Chin Augmentation Surgery and Left with Large Bulb Like Tissue on Chin

35 year old male, 1 year form chin augmentation surgery. no implant was done I had chin cut and moved forward. OS recommended this procedure. I... READ MORE

Will Upper Jaw Surgery Fix a Fat Upper Lip Area and Willt he Projection of my Nose be Affected?

Can the upper jaw ( upper lip area) be taken backwards to help with a fat upper lip area?. i sort of have a monkey lip area. i think it would also be... READ MORE

Is there anyway I can get that bit of fat above my chin to get bigger naturally? (photo)

The photo that I have submitted is my cousins chin. I have always wanted one similar. See the crease above his chin under his lip? That what I would... READ MORE

What can I do to achieve a smaller chin, decrease lower facial fat to give me a more refined jaw line? (photos)

I have edited the following picture with my actual face on the left and what I would ultimately like to achieve on the right. I apologise for how... READ MORE

Options for more defined chin and jawline? (photos)

I am wondering if my chin and jawline could benefit from any surgical or non-surgical procedures? In all these photos I am definitely a healthy... READ MORE

Need help in improving my lower profile. (photo)

I've always been so insecure of my side profile, I don't think I have a clear jaw line or a in proportion chin, I also have a quite slim face which I... READ MORE

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