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Numbness on Bottom Lip After Chin Surgery?

Its been 2 weeks since my surgery and the middle of my bottom lip still feels numb. Is that normal? Will it go away? READ MORE

How Can I Reshape my Chin when 2 Surgeons Already Declined?

I need to know what ways my chin can be reshaped. From profile view, it looks proportionate to my face, but from frontal view it looks long and... READ MORE

How to Correct a Receding Chin of a 14-year-old?

I'm 14 and I really, really, really hate my receding chin. I've already had my bite fixed, with help from an orthodontist. I'm still young but I don't... READ MORE

Will a Jaw Augmentation with Implants Tighten the Skin of my Lower Face?

I'm wondering if getting a jaw augmentation would pull the skin of my lower face back slightly. I'm way too young for a facelift, but I feel... READ MORE

What can be done to change my ugly side profile? (photos)

From the front on, my face is fine. But when I get a picture from the side, it is incredibly ugly to me. From a professional point of view, what do... READ MORE

Is there any form of tissue or bone reduction that would make my face more oval?

I have what I guess is an oblong face. Is there any form of tissue or bone reduction that would make my face more oval? I think it is that my chin is... READ MORE

Undoing Joker-look from Facial Fat Transfer

A year ago I had fat transfer to the cheeks (approx 10 cc's in each cheek). This has resulted in very wide cheeks and high cheekbones, which in... READ MORE

What do you suggest to remove peach fuzz on face (female)? (photos)

Both my sister AND me have peach fuzz on our faces--to the extreme . It literally looks like we have white beards. Shaving is not an option because a)... READ MORE

How can I fix this witch's chin? (Photos)

I have what people consider a "witch's chin" and it makes me extremely insecure. It ruins my smile, profile, and shape of my face. I don't know why it... READ MORE

How to get the shape of my face back?

Female / Long Face Had 5mm Burred but Now Chin Looks Flat & Square As Point Was Shaved off.  High - long forehead now also appears bigger... READ MORE

Can the lateral length of the jaw be increased using chin implants, to make my face look longer?

Chin not in proportion with my face.I have to keep my upper & lower teeth 1/2 an inch apart to give the illusion that it is proportional.I have uneven... READ MORE

Can I change my face shape? (photos)

My chin is uneven, my jaw goes far more to the left than the right but my main concern is the length and shape of my chin. From the side it is drawn... READ MORE

Long chin that juts out when I smile.

My smile is slightly recessed from my side profile but its long and large from the front , this gets worse when i smile and takes away from my smile.... READ MORE

Procedure to make a big, round face into a small, V shaped face? (photos)

Please do not recommend buccal fat removal or botox in the masseter. I have seen the results of those procedures and none of them make a difference at... READ MORE

What can I do about my facial features? (photos)

I honestly feel like my face is asymmetric and I really don't like most of my features. My chin is so weak that it points down and makes this point,... READ MORE

Very prominent chin, what are my options? (Photos)

Hi I dislike the over prominence of my chin. I hate how when I smile it really elongates my face from the front and you can see the prominence at any... READ MORE

Chin Reduction to Shorten a Very Long Face

I have a very long face (23 cm), mostly because I have a big forehead and chin, though my mid face is fairly longer than average too. I would like to... READ MORE

Lymphatic Drainage Massage Help with Swelling 2 Months Post Op Genioplasty?

I had a sliding genioplasty 2 months ago and my lower face looks really fat and I have a double chin even though I am 115 pounds and 5'4. I have... READ MORE

Is it possible get rid of pointy chin and make my face round again without using surgery?

I have a round face but last month i have used a daiso face roller and it damage my face after using it for 4 days. My face becomes heart and not good... READ MORE

What should I have to make my face and chin look shorter and more defined cheek bones? (Photo)

I think my jaw is too long which makes my face look long and thin and unflattering, I want it more square and filled out so I have better cheek bones... READ MORE

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