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Chin Reduction Surgery - Options and Costs

I am considering chin reduction surgery as I feel it points out when I smile and I hate that... Could someone give me a recommendation for a fairly... READ MORE

Are There Any Plastic Surgeons Familiar With THe V-Line Chin Augmentation?

I saw this website on V-line chin augmentation. Are there any doctors in the los angeles area that are familiar or are capable of doing this type of... READ MORE

Doctor Recommendation for Jawline Reduction Surgery in New York City

I am planning on getting a Mandibular Reduction/Jawline Contouring/V line osteotomy/Jawline Reduction. I am not sure what the procedure is... READ MORE

New York Chin Reduction Doctor Recommendations

I can't find a plastic surgeon in NYC who does chin reductions. I need help finding top surgeons for chin reductions. READ MORE

Experienced Surgeons in NYC for Chin Reduction?

I am interested in getting a chin reduction surgery due to a very prominent fleshy chin. I met with a PS in NYC (where I reside) who seemed to have... READ MORE

Where Can I Find a Surgeon Experienced in Chin Reduction in the Los Angeles Area? (photo)

Is it possible to have this done with out any screws? what is the recovery and cost? READ MORE

Maxilliofacial Surgeon or Plastic Surgeon for Chin Reduction ( Bone) ?

Hi, I have a big chin. The bone protrudes and there's quite alot of soft tissue around it too. Should I go to a plastic surgeon or a... READ MORE

Los Angeles or Orange County Surgeons Who Do Virtual Consultation?

I really want a more pointy chin, and have been researching for the perfect surgeon in my area. After reading all the reviews, I wonder if I am even a... READ MORE

V line surgery? Can the surgery not only narrow the area but also shorten the jaw line?

Hey doctors. I find my jawline not in proportion to the rest of my face. If I gain weight, it sit on my cheeks which makes me feel heavy in the area... READ MORE

Who are good surgeons for a sliding genioplasty in the Chicagoland area? (Photo)

I have a very weak chin and I don't know what the best correction is. So far, it looks like sliding genioplasty. I have already had braces and was... READ MORE

Texas Chin Reduction Surgeon

I'm trying to find a surgeon that is experienced in & good at chin reduction surgery (chin is vertically too long & pointy). I am... READ MORE

Sliding Genioplasty without plates and screws. Is there any Dr. who knows about this method? Is it available in the U.S.?

On RealSelf a Dr. in Spain says he does sliding genioplasties without plates or screws but instead uses "very thin steel wires to fix the piece, 2 or... READ MORE

Should I have jaw angle implants and chin lipo after previous jaw surgery? (Photo)

The jaw surgery+chin implant was 10 years ago for micrognathia and I still would like much more definition in my jaw line. Is it a good idea to get... READ MORE

Doctor Recommendation for Removal of Bio Alcamid in my Chin in Dubai

I did it 5 years ago and know i want to have gynoplasty because i have retracted chin READ MORE

Surgery for Creating a Chin Dimple?

I am very interested to do the above. That is a dimple (round imprint) and not a cleft chin (vertical imprint). Has anyone here undergone such sugery?... READ MORE

Chin Reduction Doctors?

Is there any surgeons you could recomend that specialize in chin reductions for a pointy chin? READ MORE

Need a sliding genioplasty and jawline augmentation in Chicago. (Photo)

I need a skilled oral maxillofacial surgeon or plastic surgeon in Chicago for sliding genioplasty and jawline augmentation. READ MORE

Reduce Vertical Height of Chin

Hello, I did an email consult with a surgeon in CA he said that the vertical height of my chin is "excessive" and that he would need to move... READ MORE

Doctor Recommendations for Chin Reduction Surgery in Pennsylvania

I am looking for a doctor to perform chin reduction surgery in Pennsylvania, specifically Pittsburgh Pennsylvania or the surrounding area. I am not... READ MORE

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