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What is the best way to get rid of my chin dimple? (photo)

Hello, I'm a female and I have a chin dimple. Its not very deep, but I don't like it at all. I have heard that you can get rid of it by silicone... READ MORE

Chin Dimple Surgery - Options for Permanent Chin Dimple Removal?

I have a pretty deep chin dimple that I don't like much. What would be the most permanent, least invasive and economical way to remove the dimple? Thanks! READ MORE

Botox for Chin Dimpling?

I have several deep dimples in my chin, and I've heard Botox could get rid of them. What do you think? READ MORE

Can a Dimple on a Chin Be Permanently Removed?

I have a dimple on my chin, its a circle dimple. I will say the dimple can be seen properly from my side face and from the front as well. So I... READ MORE

My face is long and narrow! I hate my chin and would a reduction. What surgery would be best? (photo)

I have been looking on your site and I have the same problem. What surgery would be best? Can I still have it Altough I have a chin dimple? READ MORE

Surgeons Qualified for Surgically Altering a Hyperactive Mentalis Muscle That Results in Slight Pebble Chin? (Purely Aesthetic)

Given the rarity of this issue & the preponderance of its treatment with Botox (which I'm uninterested in due to its temporary nature) locating a... READ MORE

I Have a Round Ball Like Chin. It is a Dimple That Gives Me an Unattractive Weak Chin? (photo)

Is there any way to get rid of my dimple ball Like chin without botox or surgery READ MORE

I have a cleft chin and I don't like it at all. I don't want to undergo something serious. What are my options?

I have a cleft or dimple chin and it doesn't suit me. It's not my bone structure it's like tiny pieces of meat or something. I don't want to undergo... READ MORE

What will fix my weak chin? (photos)

I am lacking a lot of self confidence when it comes to my facial appearance. My upper lip is very short and it is very hard to close my mouth. When I... READ MORE

Can 5-FU be used on the chin/mentalis muscle to break down scar tissue adhesions and reduce dimpling?

I have mentalis strain after genioplasty. I'm told it's scar tissue. Can 5-FU be injected to decrease the dimpling/wrinkling and strain? I never had... READ MORE

Mentalis strain three months after 8mm sliding genioplasty. Can this be fixed? (photos)

It's been three months after my 8mm sliding genioplasty. My chin is starting to show all the mentails strain that it had before I had my surgery. It's... READ MORE

Can I get rid of these weird dimple like things on my chin? (photos)

When I smile I have these dimple/smile line type things on my chin. I really don't like the way they look and was wondering if there were any... READ MORE

Can a chin reduction eliminate my chin dimple and also shorten my elongated chin? (photos)

My chin makes my face look very long and not proportionate. I also want to get rid of the dimple In my chin that makes me very self conscious. When I... READ MORE

In your opinion what would be the better choice, a sliding genioplasty or chin implant? (photos)

I have what some call "long face syndrome" because of my jaws. My face looks imbalanced around the mid-face and I can see a lot of it focuses around... READ MORE

Surgery for Creating a Chin Dimple?

I am very interested to do the above. That is a dimple (round imprint) and not a cleft chin (vertical imprint). Has anyone here undergone such sugery?... READ MORE

3 weeks post op Chin Reduction, I noticed my chin asymmetry. Is this normal? (photos)

I recently got a chin reduction about 3 weeks ago. I know there is swelling up to 6 months to see final results, however, when I smile now my chin... READ MORE

What to do about chin ptosis/dimpling after genioplasty? Lifelong nodule now causing uneven lip? (Photo)

I had lower jaw surgery and sliding genioplasty, then recently had the genioplasty reversed. Chin ptosis and dimpling occurred. Mentalis resuspension... READ MORE

I have an abnormally large cleft / dimple chin. (photo)

I have the images attached to show you. Now I know for a fact that to remove it completely would be impossible but I was wondering if I could even... READ MORE

1 week post op, I had a chin dimple creation surgery. The dimple had disappeared completely. Is this normal?

I had a chin dimple creation surgery.the dimple was deep and large enough after the surgery .its been almost a week now since i had the surgery, but... READ MORE

How to improve my chin and lips shape?

I have petite figure but round face and small nose.i want my chin to look more pointy or long like photomodels.(not an accesive one though) i want to... READ MORE

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