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Why is my jaw so crooked? (photo)

Hello, despite what people tell me I know my face (particularly my jaw) is crooked. When I smile my jaw tends to point towards the left. My eyes are... READ MORE

What is the best surgery option for a crooked smile and protruding chin? (photo)

I have had braces and currently and I feel like it changes my face shape. My chin is a lot longer after wearing braces and my smile is crooked. I... READ MORE

I have a crooked chin/jaw. Can it be fixed? (Photo)

It's crooked in a way that can't really be detected by mirrors, my flipped over image looks more symmetrical than my real one. I only found out I had... READ MORE

Why do I have a crooked sliding chin after genioplasty? (Photo)

After I had a sliding genioplasty to reduce the length of my chin my face looks crooked. The left side has a dimple on the jaw line. I looked at the... READ MORE

Unbalanced face? (photos)

Hey docs. So as you can see in the photos, I have a very crooked smile, uneven jawline and a wonky nose. Few years ago I had Bell's palsy on the left... READ MORE

I have a crooked chin after genioplasty. Would burring be a good option? (Photo)

I had a genioplasty with upper jaw surgery. It reduced my chin 4 mm horizontally. It was immediately apparent after surgery that it was asymmetrical;... READ MORE

Can you make my jaw straight because its crooked & asymmetrical ? And how much will it cost ? (photos)

My face is crooked due to this Asymmetry and i don't want to have this at all some of my friends notice it and sometimes it gets worse. READ MORE

Is there a way to correct my crooked chin? (photos)

My face and chin appear crooked in pictures from camera phones nobody seems to notice this or point it out in person and when i mention it they say im... READ MORE

Need Chin and Nose Reduction, But I'm Worried About My Jaw Moving (photo)

I am also concerned about moving my upper jaw forward due to underbite. My teeth were corrected with braces as a child tho my chin is still too long.... READ MORE

I have a class 2 weak chin. What treatment would you recommend? (photo)

I don't suffer from a severe overjet or overbite (around 3mm each) but as you can see from the photo with my jaw closed i have a class 2 jaw and my... READ MORE

My chin/jaw but it's crooked, which makes my mouth, chin, and teeth crooked as well. Any suggestion? (photos)

I'd like to know what it may be and what surgery I could get done to fix it. My chin slants to one side of my face instead of being symmetrical. My... READ MORE

Is it normal to have a crooked smile after 2 months of chin reduction surgery?

2 months for my chin reduction surgery, I still can't smile very well And i have a crooked smile! is that normal? will it come back to normal with... READ MORE

Is there any way to fix a crooked chin and jaw? (Photo)

I am aware that my face is asymmetrical but I feel the older I get the more my chin moves over to the left side of my face (is that possible or am I... READ MORE

Is there a way to get a smaller chin? (Photo)

I am 14 years old and have a very prominent and pointy chin. Also when I smile my chin looks crooked. Is there a way for me to get a smaller chin. READ MORE

Asymmetrical Jaw, Clicks, How Can I Fix It? (photo)

My face overall is pretty asymmetrical, but I think most of it happens to do with my Jaw. The LFT side clicks constantly. Overall that side of my face... READ MORE

Crooked lip after genioplasty? (Photo)

Why is my lip crooked after sliding genioplasty ? I also had lower jaw surgery with a small movement, but I never had a crossbite and bite is perfect;... READ MORE

Why is my jaw so crooked and noticeably asymmetrical? (Photo)

I've noticed recently that my jaw is crooked to the left and I don't know why. I read somewhere that it could be if you eat food on one side of the... READ MORE

I feel like my nose is a little bit crooked and my jaw is clearly asymmetric. (Photo)

My lips line up quite well, but why are my lower jaw still asymmetric? I also feel like my jaw is too vertically long. What can be done to fix this?... READ MORE

What can be done to fix my crooked chin? And how much does the procedure usually cost? (Photo)

I am so unhappy with my chin. It's crooked almost like it is shifted to one side. I never noticed it growing up but a couple of years ago I noticed it... READ MORE

How much is it to correct chin symmetry?

My chin is severely crooked towards the left side therefore making the right side of my jaw very long. I'm really self conscious about it so I'm just... READ MORE

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