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What is This Crease Called Inbetween my Chin and Bottom Lip? What Kind of Surgery Can I Get to Remove the Crease? (photo)

I feel like this crease is not feminine and I don't see much people with a deep crease like mine. Is there anyway to get rid of it? READ MORE

How do I get rid of my horizontal crease? (photo)

I had a sliding genoplasty about 2 months ago and was hoping to lessen my horizontal crease. It seems to have gotten worse. I just had my Dr. put... READ MORE

Looking For Harmony Between Chin And Rest Of Face- Suggestions?

Looking for some advice on what to do with my chin. I do have an overbite, and I do not want to move my jaw and realign my teeth. I have a very... READ MORE

Regarding chin augmentations: Is it possible to change the vertical HEIGHT (rel. to lip) of the labiomental crease? (photos)

I have a deep/low labiomental crease, and I think my face would look better not only with the labiomental crease filled, but also if it was a bit... READ MORE

Best options for correcting the deep crease and roundness of my chin? (Photo)

I have a very very deep crease between my chin and lower lip that is very visible from the front and profile view, and my chin looks so round. I have... READ MORE

What causes this deep chin crease and how can I fix it? (Photo)

I have a slight overbite and I'm curious if it can cause or at least worsen this deep crease. READ MORE

How can I fix this witch's chin? (Photos)

I have what people consider a "witch's chin" and it makes me extremely insecure. It ruins my smile, profile, and shape of my face. I don't know why it... READ MORE

Mental Crease

Is there a procedure that creates an indent, that makes a deeper mental crease, to correct protruding lips and help a weak chin? Instead of chin... READ MORE

What happened to my chin? Deep mental crease and upward projection. Unnecessary surgery? (Photo)

In December I had lower jaw advancement along with a sliding genioplasty. I didn't really want to mess with my chin, but my OS said I needed it for... READ MORE

Can chin surgery fix my asymmetrical chin? (Photo)

Can surgery fix my asymmetrical chin when smiling and all the dimpling and creasing it has when I smile as well. This only happens when I smile and I... READ MORE

Treatment for prominent chin? (Photo)

I have for a long time disliked the appearance of my chin. The mentalist muscle is too large and kind of too tight(?). Well, it makes me look like I... READ MORE

Chin reduction: How can I make my chin smaller, or blend into my face better? (Photo)

My chin is quite large (projects horizontally) with an uneven crease. When I smile it looks like my skin is being stretched out across it way more... READ MORE

Is it normal to be in extreme internal discomfort 6 weeks after chin lift surgery? (Photos)

Have deep creases and rope like bands from ear to ear. Feels like being strangled 24/7 so tight Range of motion and hear on right side is impaired READ MORE

Will my horizontal crease become less severe after swelling? (photo)

I had a sliding geneoplasty to augment my chin and lessen the horizontal crease. My crease has gotten worse. Is this do to swelling? READ MORE

Is there any procedure possible to reduce the appearance of my cleft chin? (Photo)

To be specific, I love my cleft chin. I find it lovely, but what really annoys me is that when I smile, this crease forms. It looks like a cheek... READ MORE

Is there anyway I can get that bit of fat above my chin to get bigger naturally? (photo)

The photo that I have submitted is my cousins chin. I have always wanted one similar. See the crease above his chin under his lip? That what I would... READ MORE

I'm 24 and have a deep horizontal crease on my chin I want to remove it. Any suggestions?

Well I sleep on face n it just gets worst started in 2012 n I wanna get rid of it makes me feel self conscious. READ MORE

It has been 10 weeks since Chin Augmentation. Is there a chance the crease will go away with more time and healing? (photo)

It's very clear now the implant is laying on a nerve. Would botox stil be an option to help the vertical crease when I talk? READ MORE

Chin ptosis. How to correct "too much" chin from the front and side, with funny crease/protruding bit? (Photo)

Is this chin ptosis? It comes out when I laugh, talk, smile with teeth, this extra chin and crease, it can be seen from the front and side. How can it... READ MORE

How would you fix a mental crease that's too low on the chin? (photo)

I understand the mechanics of filling a mental crease that has too much depth. However, my problem is that my mental crease is too far down on my chin... READ MORE

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