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Will Sliding Genioplasty correct a short face/receding chin with deep labiomental fold? (photo)

This is a follow-up to my previous post. The original photo was too small so I am trying again. I am wondering if a sliding genioplasty will correct... READ MORE

How Long Before I Should Fix a Botched Geniplasty?

Just had genioplasty done about a week ago. I wanted my chin advanced because it was a little weak. After a week, there is still swelling, but it... READ MORE

Chin and jaw correction surgery: what is the best option to make my chin look less heavy and more delicate? (Photo)

I do not like my chin/jaw area and feel it is too heavy looking. I am looking to have it look made more delicate, but am wondering which surgery would... READ MORE

Do I have cleft chin or dimple and how to fix it? (Photo)

Hi! I would like to know if I have cleft chin or dimple and how to fix it (preferably without surgery). If its fillers or botox, can you recommend the... READ MORE

Can a chin augmentation correct a dimple? (Photo)

I have a chin dimple and I really dislike it. I am hoping to get a nose job sometimes next year and would like this to be corrected as well. I only... READ MORE

What's wrong with my chin? Is it mentalis strain or something else? Do you think it could be corrected? (Photo)

I'm 23 years old and it's something i've had for a long time but it's only recently i've become really self conscious about it a long with my front... READ MORE

I have had two chin augmentations, the second to correct the first and am still unhappy with the results. Any suggestions?

First surgery was a winged implant(silicon) which made my chin too wide and bone grew over the implant. Second surgery: removed the implant, shaved... READ MORE

Any suggestions on Chin Operation? (photos)

I wanna know what type of operation can correct my chin, Its quite long and i have been really conscious about it for the longest time. help someone... READ MORE

Recessed chin/ jaw line, can a genioplasty correct by 15-20mm ? (photos)

I was recommend plastic implants but after further research I believe a plastic implant will not be sufficient ! I did a measurement and have pictures... READ MORE

Upper jaw surgery? Can I get the cosmetic benefits of having my upper jaw pulled out a bit just by shaving my chin down?

I need to get corrective jaw surgery and my chin shaved down but doctors dont wanna do the surgery cause of my age and afraid of tooth lost im 30... READ MORE

How high is the risk of chin ptosis after secondary chin surgery?

How high is the risk of chin ptosis after secondary chin surgery. Should ig occur, is there any chance that it will not be possible to correct? READ MORE

Can I correct my overbite?

I have been diagnosed with a severe overbite. I have been told that I cannot have 'jaw surgery' as the procedure is too complex, but am allowed to go... READ MORE

What could be the cause of my protruding mandible at adulthood and is there a correction? (Photo)

I am in my late twenties. Three years back I just noticed my Jawbone's started growing out. It has grown to the extent that I have lost the shape of... READ MORE

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