Complication + Chin Surgery

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Sliding Genioplasty complications?

Had a sliding genioplasty about 9 months ago and I have some mild pain and cracking noise near the fracture site more or so when i stretch the chin.... READ MORE

Is reversing a Sliding Genioplasty successful? What about post op complications?

Im one month post op sliding genioplasty, really regret doing the surgery it makes my face look longer and narrower besides my lips are more... READ MORE

Chin Implant or a Sliding Genioplasty?

I would like to have a stronger chin as I unfortunately have a short jaw. I would like to know which option is better for me? - What are the long term... READ MORE

4 days post-op - genioplasty care

Hi, had a sliding genioplasty four days ago. Couple of complications with a lot of bleeding but calmed down now. Do I need bed/sofa rest? How fragile... READ MORE

Would removal of excessive plates (5 plates) on chin reduce the size of the chin?

I underwent BSSO + genioplasty 3.5 months ago, there were some complication during the genioplasty surgery and took extra 3 hours for the surgery to... READ MORE

Can I get a chin reduction on just the tissue?

How risky is this surgery? Are there many complications? Please be honest. READ MORE

Chin reduction complications, please help

I had a chin/jaw reduction surgery last year. Its a little too small. The incision in my mouth and chin feel very tight and awkward. I don't think its... READ MORE

Chin Augmentation-sliding Genioplasty Surgery. How Dangerous is It?

Hello to everyone.I am a candidate for sliding genioplasty surgery since my lower jaw is shorter than it should be.I have also posted a photo of mine... READ MORE

Is it possible to reverse a sliding genioplasty 3 months after surgery? What are the risks?

What are the risks and chances of complications from reversing a 7mm sliding genioplasty 3 months post op? I have not been able to find much... READ MORE

Serious complications from sliding genioplasty 2 years ago and no surgeon seems to know what's the problem? Please help? (Photo)

Had a sliding genioplasty over 2 and a half years ago was really happy with it. 5 months post op I woke up one morning and felt like my chin had... READ MORE

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