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Chin Implant Vs Sliding Genioplasty

I'd like my chin/jaw to look stronger. It sounds like there are two possible solutions: Implant: This would add more projection, but not... READ MORE

Underbite: Moving Upper Jaw Forward or Lower Jaw Back?

My surgeon said there were 2 options for correcting an underbite. Should I let my lower jaw moved back or my upper jaw moved forward? what's the... READ MORE

Sliding Genioplasty vs. Jaw Implants for a More Prominent Chin?

In my country(Ireland),I have only been able to find surgeons who offer chin implants. They do not have any experience with either jaw implants or... READ MORE

Chin Surgery or Jaw Surgery for Bad Profile View (19 y/o Male)?

Hi I am 19.8 years old boy , I have ectomorph body with 15 KG underweight , I have receding chin and very small jaw . doctor say me I have class1... READ MORE

Is Korean V Line surgery similar to any American genioplasty?

I've been reading how the Koreans have a surgery called V Line surgery to make their faces smaller...their jaws better defined. Is there an American... READ MORE

Is a sliding genioplasty more successful than a chin implant?

I have a weak chin & i have consulted 2 PS so far and both have advised against chin implant citing high failure rate. Is it really that common for... READ MORE

Improving face profile, Jaw Surgery vs Sliding Genioplasty? (photo)

Hi, I'm trying get an opinion on what approach would be right for me to improve my facial profile. I have a prominent upper jaw and retruded lower... READ MORE

Sliding Genioplasty vs. BSSO (Photo)

I want to know if my chin is too far back for a sliding genioplasty, all of the before and after pictures of people I've seen who have had the... READ MORE

Very receded chin/jaw. Chin implant or genioplasty? (photos)

I am a 20 year old female with a very receded chin/jaw which has bothered me for years. I am not confident about my side or front profile. There is... READ MORE

Sliding Genioplasty or chin implant? Also, how far an advancement is needed? (photo)

Looking for a natural advancement in my lower face. Not looking to add much length because my face is already long and narrow. READ MORE

Should I Get a Chin Implant or Get Radanese Chin Injections? (photo)

I am undergoing rhinoplasty in January which I am excited about. I have also been given the option of a chin implant, but I saw on The Doctors TV show... READ MORE

What's the difference between genioplasty, chin implants, and a chin wing implant?

I recently saw someone mention a chin wing. Can you tell me what the difference is between genioplasty, chin implants, and a chin wing implant? Do any... READ MORE

BSSO, Sliding Genioplasty or Both? Bite is correct but lower jaw very recessed. (Photo)

I had 4 pre-molars pulled and braces fitted 18 months ago, my bite is now correct but I have a recessed jaw. My upper jaw is in place, but I have a... READ MORE

Chin implant or jaw surgery? (Photo)

Hello i would like to as you what should i choose a chin implant or jaw surgery? what procedure would be most effective for me.Thank you READ MORE

Rapid Orthognathic Surgery Or Jaw Implants?

I have mild assymetry of the jaw. The mandible is shorter on the left side, and longer on the right, and so my chin is also placed slightly left, my... READ MORE

In your opinion what would be the better choice, a sliding genioplasty or chin implant? (photos)

I have what some call "long face syndrome" because of my jaws. My face looks imbalanced around the mid-face and I can see a lot of it focuses around... READ MORE

Would a sliding genioplasty be sufficient? I've ruled out a chin implant and don't want bimax surgery. (Photo)

I've ruled out chin implant for various reasons and am not willing to go to the extreme of getting a bimax surgery. READ MORE

Would You Recommend Sliding Genioplasty or Jaw Surgery? (photo)

Hi. I'm considering sliding genioplasty or lower jaw advancement surgery. In the pictures I've posted one is my current bite and jaw position... READ MORE

Should I Go for Double Jaw Surgery or Just Upper Jaw?

Well, my case sounds briefly like this: I normally should have double jaw surgery as the doctor said, but because I already have an implant did last... READ MORE

Difference Between Maxillofacial Surgery and Chin Surgery (or Implant)

What is the difference between maxillofacial surgery and chin implant/chin surgery? Why if a plastic surgeon can perform these kinds of surgeries... READ MORE

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