Cleft + Chin Surgery

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Creating a Cleft Chin - Can It Be Done?

Is there a reliable method for creating a cleft chin? A groove cut in a chin implant didn't work for me, -the flesh on top the implant just bridged... READ MORE

How Can a Chin Cleft Be Removed? Botox, Cutting the Fascia of Mental Muscle?

How are the results of using Botox, are there any complications? Can it be also done by cutting the fascia of mental muscle? READ MORE

Will a cleft chin get deeper and more noticeable as you get older?

I have a cleft chin. Its not that noticeable byť you can tell i have it in certain lighting and i can feel it. Im only 17, as i get older will my Bum ... READ MORE

How Can the Cleft in my Chin Be Removed?

I feel as though my chin appears too masculine and I want something done to achieve a more feminine and youthful appearance. After four consultations,... READ MORE

What are some options with getting rid of a cleft chin? (photo)

What would be the best option at the same time I want a more feminine silhouette with my chin while getting rid of the cleft READ MORE

Any way to get a cleft chin back? I used to have a slight cleft chin which has now disappeared and I'm desperate to get it back!

Hi there! I used to have a cleft chin- a small but noticeable line down the middle (like a butt chin but less pronounced!) I am now in my mid 30s and... READ MORE

Can I get deep cleft chin and how? Without surgery

I need to cleft deep chin !!naturally I want to know some facial exercise to creat it on my chin ...I wrally want it!!! READ MORE

Is it possible to make my cleft chin more prominent/visible through surgery?

I can only see that i have a cleft chin in certain lighting. Any way to make it show more? Don't want a fake cleft or dimple(if that's even a thing),... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Have a Chin Reduction Without Altering Bone?

I have a slight cleft chin that looks good when my face is at rest, but projects too far when smiling. Is it possible to sculpt the soft tissue around... READ MORE

Anything that can get rid of a cleft chin?

I absolutely hate my cleft chin. It looks so manly and disgusting. Is there any surgery that can permanently remove it? READ MORE

How to correct a cleft chin? W-shaped chin. Gap in chin. (Photo)

If I could describe the shape of my chin using letters, it would be a "W" (a very wide / stretched out W). There is a gap in the center of my chin. I... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Remove a Cleft on my Chin? (photo)

I have a very deep cleft on my chin that I am u happy with. A doctor recommended dermal filler, saying a chin implant would move so that wasn't an... READ MORE

Best Surgery for a Male to Get a Softer Jawline and Remove a Cleft from a Chin Whilst Making It Smaller? (photo)

I am a male hoping to get some work done some time in the future. I am very insecure about my chin as it makes my head look long. I really want to... READ MORE

Cleft chin and one side is longer. Can this be fixed? Also, my chin is a little longer than I'd like. (Photo)

I never like my chin. it is long and cleft. One side of my chin, my t, sticks out further. This is troubling. Can there be something out there to help... READ MORE

What can be done to smooth out a lumpy chin like Eminem's?

I'm a 19 year old female and I have a chin (and mouth area) exactly like Eminem's. Square, droopy, saggy, cleft chin, lumpy, indents, harsh shadows.... READ MORE

Do I have cleft chin or dimple and how to fix it? (Photo)

Hi! I would like to know if I have cleft chin or dimple and how to fix it (preferably without surgery). If its fillers or botox, can you recommend the... READ MORE

How much does surgery to get rid of a cleft chin cost?

I have a cleft chin and would like to get rid of it. So i was wondering what the price of the surgery would be. READ MORE

I have an abnormally large cleft / dimple chin. (photo)

I have the images attached to show you. Now I know for a fact that to remove it completely would be impossible but I was wondering if I could even... READ MORE

Is there any procedure possible to reduce the appearance of my cleft chin? (Photo)

To be specific, I love my cleft chin. I find it lovely, but what really annoys me is that when I smile, this crease forms. It looks like a cheek... READ MORE

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