Bottom Lip + Chin Surgery

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Lip and Chin Numbness 1 Month After Sliding Genioplasty

Hello, I had a sliding genioplasty almost 1 month ago. My lower lip and chin are still partially numb. Should I be worried? Thank you very much! READ MORE

Implants or Fillers for Labiomental Sulcus?

I have a deep labiomental sulcus that even when viewed from the front it makes a big shadow in my chin area. I've been considering chin implants... READ MORE

Recommendation for Correcting Droopy Bottom Lip and Puffy Chin? photo)

Hello. Firstly, I picked up these imperfections in an accident about 20 years ago that caused the little tissue that holds the lip to the gums to tear... READ MORE

Can a sliding genioplasty be reversed through a submental (exterior) incision?

Post sliding genioplasty, my bottom lip is thinner and rolls in apparently from the intraoral incision. The sliding genioplasty looks terrible on me... READ MORE

I think my chin could use a little more projection and length. Could I achieve this through a sliding genioplasty?

I am considering a sliding genioplasty to address my weak chin. I like the front view of my face but I think my chin could use a little more... READ MORE

Bottom lip got thiner :( & my face longer and older after sliding genioplasty, Do you recommemd partially revision surgery? (pho

I had Sliding genioplasty week ago (9mm forward and little down).I am so shocked and regret with my front face,my bottom lip rolled in and got 1/2size... READ MORE

How to get the shape of my face back?

Female / Long Face Had 5mm Burred but Now Chin Looks Flat & Square As Point Was Shaved off.  High - long forehead now also appears bigger... READ MORE

Post-Genioplasty: Chin bone & lower lip (Photo)

It has been a month since my genioplasty. The chin was moved forward 8mm. I am satisfied with my profile. However, the X-ray image shows that my chin... READ MORE

How can I improve my profile view? (Photo)

I don't fancy my profile look and was wondering if I could get a few pointers on what could be done to improve it. In particular, I dislike the... READ MORE

What plastic surgery procedure could make my chin defined and correct my protruding bottom lip? (Photo)

I have been wearing braces for one year and am halfway into the treatment. I have protruding upper and lower teeth and will have two extracted from... READ MORE

Nerve signal in wrong place after chin surgery?

About 8 months ago I had intraoral chin surgery and everything was fine but a few months ago I started having a weird sensation. When I touch a very... READ MORE

Lower Lip Hangs. How can I fix this?

I'm a 29 year old African American woman with full lips. When my face is at rest, my lower lip hangs exposing my bottom teeth and gums. I have a long... READ MORE

2 months post op, I still have pain from sliding genioplasty months later. Is this normal?

I had a sliding genioplasty 2 months ago. Lately, I have been feeling light burning pains in my chin and a little in my bottom lip. My bottom lip has... READ MORE

Lower lip descent after chin surgery. Is there is a surgical alternative to "stretch up" the lower lip? (Photo)

Hello, - due to chin implant infection had to remove it, after surgery lower lip is 3mm lowered - NO CHIN DROP reason is the deep mucolabial fold (... READ MORE

Developed scar tissue between chin and lower lip after genioplasty (Photo)

My lower teeth are exposed and I can't really close my mouth without giving a force look because of the indent between the lip and chin, I never asked... READ MORE

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