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Do I Have Too Much Receding Chin? Is This a Defect That Requires Repair? Is Retrogenia? (photo)

Let me add also that I have crooked teeth and defect bite.Is my mandible is too withdrawn and this is some hypoplasia mandible? Please help and i answer. READ MORE

Reverse Lower Jaw Surgery, to Correct Upper Jaw?

I had lower jaw surgery(moved back)5 years ago. My teeths are now closing correctly but when i smile my upper teeths looked far back, and my whole... READ MORE

BSSO, Sliding Genioplasty or Both? Bite is correct but lower jaw very recessed. (Photo)

I had 4 pre-molars pulled and braces fitted 18 months ago, my bite is now correct but I have a recessed jaw. My upper jaw is in place, but I have a... READ MORE

I want a good masculine jawline. What should I do to make my profile better? (Photo)

I have an inverted triangular face and my jaw is weak I also have a big ethinic indian nose .what should I do to make my facial profile better I am... READ MORE

Can Genioplasty improve my look? (photos)

Well i know i have issues with my jaw. It's clear that they're not in right position. But my ortho said my bite can be fixed with braces. Then only... READ MORE

I know that my chin is small, but could you tell me what is the name of the problem that I have? (Photo)

When I eat chewy food my jaw hurts after some bites. Someone could tell me why? A dentist once told me that my jaw was too small for my age (I was 11... READ MORE

Am I a candidate for genioplasty? (Photos)

I've had a chin implant but I feel like it looks unnatural and I don't like the indention between my lip and chin. I've asked my orthodontist if I... READ MORE

Chin vertical height reduction. Is this realistic? (photos)

I am 29 years old and have always been aware that my facial proportions could be more attractive, I have a long face. Surgically lowering my hairline... READ MORE

What jaw/chin procedure would work best for my imbalanced face? (Photos)

My face didnt always use to be as crooked as it is now, three years ago my fave was as symmetical as humanly possible. But my TMJ got worse I ended up... READ MORE

What's the best way to lengthen my jaw angle/jawline? The area from the back of my neck to the tip of my chin! (Photo)

I have a consultation setup with a plastic surgeon. But before I go, I was wondering what you guys think would be the best surgery for my goals. I... READ MORE

Chin reduction options - 48 y/o Female. Surgery? Lipo? (photos)

I have a bulbous chin and I think my lower jaw is also set back. (MANY years ago I believe my dentist called it a shallow bite(?) My top teeth cover... READ MORE

Is it possible to have a sliding genio to fix your bite and then get a chin implant to get a different shape/wider chin?

I have a weak chin and a slight overbite, nothing bad though. I would like my chin to be brought forward and get it wider while fixing my slight... READ MORE

Crooked lip after genioplasty? (Photo)

Why is my lip crooked after sliding genioplasty ? I also had lower jaw surgery with a small movement, but I never had a crossbite and bite is perfect;... READ MORE

Can my jawline and flaring of the top and bottom teeth be fixed? (Photo)

My question is that my jaw and chin receded due to the flaring of my teeth forward. This creates a major problem when I chew food particles. Is there... READ MORE

Genioplasty or something different? (photos)

I've got a chin that is not very feminine, it is wider and longer than I would like. This is especially apparent when I smile. I'm wondering if this... READ MORE

I would like to increase the vertical dimension of my face and also show more teeth and gum when I smile. (photos)

I had mandible advancement with orthodontics, along with a sliding genioplasty several years ago. It has given me a more prominant chin and enhanced... READ MORE

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