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Will my jaw ever get bigger? (photo)

Both of my parents have really strong jawlines along with my brother but I do not. I just turned 19 years old. I inured my jaw playing football when I... READ MORE

I Want to Know Why My Chin Is Still Swelling 9 Days Post Op?

Hi my chin was really big and i had chin reduction 1 week 2 days ago n i dont know i see my chin still really doesnt looks smaller.. READ MORE

How recessed is my jaw? (photos)

I'm an 18 year old teen and I think my jaw looks recessed. Moreover from one side my jaw looks bigger than the other side. So do I have a recessed... READ MORE

1 week after sliding genioplasty. Does my chin looks fat? (Photo)

I had my sliding genioplasty about 1 week ago and the chin looks bigger than i expected. I had my re-check with my surgeon yesterday and he told me... READ MORE

How much vertical length can a sliding genioplasty add to my chin?

Hey i want a taller and more masculine chin. I thought sliding genioplasty might be right for this. I've read that vertical increases from 10 to... READ MORE

I had a chin reduction a week ago, chin is larger. Is this temporary?

I had a chin reduction a week ago, my chin is very much larger and more manly. I can't smile like I used to, and my mouth won't open all the way. Is... READ MORE

I want sliding genioplasty for a bigger chin but I have asymmetrical lower jaw. What options do I have to fix both? (photo)

The left side of my jaw is more pronounced than the right side. My chin looks off centre and when I smile or talk I can see the asymmetry.can I have... READ MORE

Would I benefit from a non surgical chin augmentation? (photos)

I've always been conscious of my lower lip protruding and being bigger than my top lip. The bottom lip almost sags. I'm not sure whether I need a chin... READ MORE

How can I fix my crooked chin?? (photos)

Right side is bigger. Feels like a giant bump or a lumpy bone. READ MORE

How can you fix my chin? What type of surgery would I need? I've seen no others like mine. (photos)

I've had this round buldge on my chin. It's soft and movable. How can this be corrected? The photo was taken right after I had my baby so I think it's... READ MORE

What I can do with my lower part of my face? Chin surgery/sliding genioplasty/jaw reduction? (Photos)

What I can do with the lower part of my face(chin)? My face is long with uneven chin, also I have a little gummy smile, I breath with my nose but when... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for chin reduction and can that procedure help skin dimpling? (photos)

29/f. My chin is large both vertically and horiztonally and gets about 40% bigger when smiling. In repose I've also got a "golf ball" or "orange peel... READ MORE

Is it possible for chin surgery to give me a bigger chin from the front? Would it be possible to make it fuller/longer? (photo)

I thought my chin was recessed until an orthodontist told me it wasn't and ortho treatment wouldn't help me. My chin is small for my face. I was... READ MORE

What to do about my double chin? It is very clear when I smile and when you see my profile. (photos)

I have had a double chin since I was 24. I always assumed it was fat since I was always around 160-170 pounds. I got pregnant at 27 and of course it... READ MORE

Do i need double Jaw Surgery? (photo)

I've always hated my jaw, it looks too long and doesn't have a nice angle to it.. its really sloped and makes me feel like i have a moon face. My... READ MORE

Is there anyway I can get that bit of fat above my chin to get bigger naturally? (photo)

The photo that I have submitted is my cousins chin. I have always wanted one similar. See the crease above his chin under his lip? That what I would... READ MORE

My face is small when compared with my body.

My face is small when compared with my body. My face in round shape and I got normal cheek not so big. Even my face look small. When I have long hair... READ MORE

My right cheek is bigger than my left. How to reduce my right cheek? (Photo)

I used chew food on my left so is that's the problem that my left cheek looks smaller than my right cheek and it looks uneven . my face look uneven READ MORE

Vertical and horizontal projections with genioplasty or implant

I have an overbite and a weak reccessed chin. I would like to know if sliding genioplasty or implant can help improve my profile. I currently have a... READ MORE

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