Asymmetry + Chin Surgery

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Uneven Chin Asymmetric Face? (photo)

Hello. i would like to know if there is any solution to my problem. i have been to million doctors already but they all seem to be indifferent. i have... READ MORE

What Are My Options For Noticeable Jaw Asymmetry? (photo)

I have very noticable asymmetry in my jaw. The right side is much larger than the left side, which looks like a large chunk is missing from my face.... READ MORE

What is the Best Surgery to Correct an Asymmetrical Chin?

I am getting a rhinoplasty this month, but I just recently started to consider surgery for my chin. I had braces when I was younger for a few years,... READ MORE

1.5 Yrs Post Sliding Genioplasty; Results Too Big and Asymmetric. What Can I Do? (photo)

About 1 and a half years ago I underwent a sliding genioplasty and had my chin advanced 10mm. I am unhappy with the results as I feel my chin looks... READ MORE

How Do I Go About Fixing my Asymmetrical Chin? (photo)

My dentist told me that my left side of my jaw is longer than my right side and ever since that's all I can focus on. What is the best way to make my... READ MORE

Correction for an asymmetrical jaw-line & nose. What procedures can you recommend to correct this asymmetry? (Photo)

My nose points in one direction, and then my chin and jaw bend round to the opposite side. The jaw & chin are also lower on one side of my face. What... READ MORE

Best Way to Balance and Or/add Volume to One Side of Chin? (photo)

My chin was injured years ago and this resulted in the right corner of my chin being more prominent (the bone sticks out more). I want to make my face... READ MORE

Should I Change my Nose or my Chin? (photo)

My face is masculine - I am insecure about it and wish it was more symmetrical - do you think that enhancing my chin would be enough to improve my... READ MORE

Face Asymmetry (Chin & Lips)? (photo)

I've always had a very asymmetric face. It's more visible in pictures than in real life (at least I hope so!). I underwent a profiloplasty 4 months... READ MORE

Fixing of asymmetry in jaw (photos)

A couple of weeks ago i noticed that my jaw was pretty asymmetrical. No one really mentioned it, besides my parents, who however noticed that my mouth... READ MORE

Best Filler to Improve Symmetry of my Chin? (photo)

Hi, Because of an injury, I have my chin is slightly assymetric.My right side is slimmer thant the left one. I also have a notch on the right. It... READ MORE

What Type of Surgery Will Solve These Imbalances? (photo)

Hello - I've wanted to improve my appearance for a long time. There is an overall sense of "imbalance" to my face, especially around my nose and chin:... READ MORE

I Want to Fix my Jaw Asymmetry As my Chin is Too Far to the Right? (photo)

My jaw juts to the right a bit too much. I wanted to move my chin a bit. What procedure is that? I saw genioplasty but it seems as though PS who... READ MORE

Options for Mild Jaw / Chin Asymmetry?

I have mild chin/jaw asymmetry where one side of my mandible juts out and the other side is deficient. My chin is off the midline of my face and... READ MORE

My Genioplasty is Asymmetric; Does Everything Look Normal in the Xrays? (photo)

Hi, I had an advancement genioplasty 6 weeks ago (4-5mm). The swelling is almost gone, but my chin is not symetric at all. It's like it's sliding to... READ MORE

Revision Genioplasty and Nerve Damages?

Hi, I had a 5 mm advancement bony sliding genioplasty 4 weeks ago. The swelling is almost gone, but I noticed my chin is not symetric, it's like... READ MORE

How much to get chin/jaw shaved down for symmetry? (Photo)

I like my facial structure for the most part, at most I would do a little shaping on my nose and filler in my lips, but my jaw and chin is noticeably... READ MORE

Drooping muscle/skin after sliding genioplasty?

The muscle and skin on my chin is drooping passed the chin/jawline. It is very obvious, asymmetric and distressing. Does this mean tendon was... READ MORE

Asymmetrical Jaw, Clicks, How Can I Fix It? (photo)

My face overall is pretty asymmetrical, but I think most of it happens to do with my Jaw. The LFT side clicks constantly. Overall that side of my face... READ MORE

Deterioration of Lower Facial/jaw Muscle

I had consultation with a maxillofacial surgeon discussing alternative to orthogonathic surgery (which im not considering) to shave the angle jaw... READ MORE

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