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Are There Any Plastic Surgeons Familiar With THe V-Line Chin Augmentation?

I saw this website on V-line chin augmentation. Are there any doctors in the los angeles area that are familiar or are capable of doing this type of... READ MORE

Best Non Surgical Way to Get Rid of Double Chin?

Hi everyone! Thanks for reading. There are so many new procedures to get rid of excess fat under the chin I really do not know what is best. I'm... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Have a Chin Reduction Without Altering Bone?

I have a slight cleft chin that looks good when my face is at rest, but projects too far when smiling. Is it possible to sculpt the soft tissue around... READ MORE

Alternatives to Chin Implants & Sliding Genioplasty

I am interested in augmenting my chin but am wary of the reactions that are possible by having a foreign body placed inside me. I was more interested... READ MORE

Using No Implant for Chin Augmentation

My doctor suggested cutting a bit of my receding chin and "pulling" it into a better chin position. I have searched this but haven't... READ MORE

What Are the Options for my Small Chin?

Hello, I have a somewhat of a small chin that has always bothered me when I see my profile. I do not want to get a full on chin implant because it... READ MORE

Would a chin reduction be possible? (Photo)

I want my chin to be shorter, and i mean very short. I want my chin to look like Kate Micucci's. I uploaded a picture of my lip being glued down, when... READ MORE

Sliding Genioplasty vs Chin Implant. Can a patient try the Chin Implant first, then add Sliding Genioplasty later if required?

I have a receding jaw which is very aysymmetrical. I went through the orthodontic treatment for 2 years in prep for the lower jaw surgery to bring... READ MORE

Could chin augmentation camouflage jaw discrepancy as alternative to major jaw surgery? (photos)

I am 40 years old and had extensive orthodontics as a child/teenager in preparation for orognathic jaw surgery that was obviously never carried out. I... READ MORE

Should my chin point have been moved further forward than 4mm? (photo)

I had a sliding gentioplasty in March 2015. I've never been happy with the results as it was only brought forward 3/4mm which I don't think is enough.... READ MORE

My long chin. Is there an alternative treatment to orthognathic surgery? (Photo)

I am over 40 years old and I want to know is their an alternative to improving my appearance rather than having orthognathic suregery READ MORE

Chin reduction surgery advice please. Could any other procedure enhance my appearance?

Hey:) Could you please comment if I need chin reduction operation. I took some photos of myself and used "photoshop" program to try to imitate what I... READ MORE

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