Accident + Chin Surgery

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Extra bone growth on one side of chin. (photo)

When I was a child I was in a car accident and also fell on my chin many times, creating a strange "point" on one side. It looks somewhat similar to... READ MORE

Lower Jaw asymmetry after a road accident. Can it be corrected? (Photo)

Respected Doctors. I had a major road accident which led my jaw to break from both the joints and a crack in the chin area. The doctors could only... READ MORE

What Are my Options if I'm Not Satisfied with Results of my Chin Reduction?

A year-and-a-half ago i was in a horrible auto accident that fractured my lower mandible in several places. A large metal plate was inserted along the... READ MORE

What type of correction surgery will I need to re-attach my chin? (photo)

I had a car accident several years ago, in which i broke my lower jaw in 5 parts. I had a metal and it was removed a couple years ago. Due to this... READ MORE

What procedures would have to be done to give my crooked face? Crookedness begins below nose. Could it be my jaw? (Photos)

I had an accident when I was 10. I am now 24. I fell off a bike, chipped my teeth, as I fell flat on my face. People don't normally notice this but at... READ MORE

What type of procedure do I need to fix this? I fell out of bus at 50mph 20 years ago (I was 11) and landed on my chin (Photo)

1 When I close my mouth only front teeth touch each other no contact in back 2 My muscles (below sideburns) always feel tired 3 When I talk or smile... READ MORE

How long will it take for the scar tissue to soften and heal? And How long before the dissolvable stitches dissolve? (photo)

I was involved in an ATV accident, cracking 2 of my front teeth and shifting 1 tooth on the bottom row out of place. I received stitches inside and... READ MORE

Is there a treatment or surgery for leveling the chin area? (male)

Hi, I recently met with an accident 1 month ago due to which I had lost some tissues from my lower lips & there was also skin tear under my lower lip... READ MORE

Chin Levelling. Can you give me advice? (Photo)

Hi, I recently met with an accident 3 months ago due to which I had lost some tissues from my lower lips & there was also skin tear under my lower lip... READ MORE

Chin lump from accident. Options to correct it? (Photo)

I have a small lump on my chin due to falling on my chin on concret and splitting chin open I had internal and external sutures. It's been 6 years... READ MORE

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