2 Years Post-op + Chin Surgery

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Chin Plastic Surgery. Should I Get An Implant For a Little Point?

2 yrs ago i had a chin reduction. im a male. it was done because i felt it was too long vertically and wanted it more pointier and less square. whilst... READ MORE

Masseter muscle reattachment after jaw implant?

I had mandible implants done a couple years back and the masseter muscle on one side separated from the bone. There's no pain but now I have an... READ MORE

Excess Swelling on Chin After Numerous Chin Reduction Surgeries

How can I get rid of excess swelling at tip of chin (after numerous chin reduction surgeries - sliding genioplasty 20 years ago, tissue reduction... READ MORE

Frozen Chin Muscles 2 Years After Genioplasty/chin Osteotomy?

Over two years ago I had a genioplasty/chin osteotomy done to my chin to move it slightly forward, with two screws Overall it has been fine for the... READ MORE

Is There a Way to Eliminate Constant Pulling Feeling from Chin Lift Still Felt 2yrs Later?

I had a chin lift performed two years ago to remove a nasty double chin and imediately noticed a pulling feeling from ear to ear that has never left.... READ MORE

Had Chin Slide 2 Years Ago but Doctor Didn't do Fat Transfer to the Chin we'd Discussed, Why Would that be?

I had a chin slide 2 years ago due to the dent in my chin right under my lip. Now I want to have fat transferred to the dent because as I age the dent... READ MORE

Serious complications from sliding genioplasty 2 years ago and no surgeon seems to know what's the problem? Please help? (Photo)

Had a sliding genioplasty over 2 and a half years ago was really happy with it. 5 months post op I woke up one morning and felt like my chin had... READ MORE

I'm having hardware (titanium screws) from a mentoplasty done 2 years ago removed. Can it be done under local anesthesia?

Due to asymmetrical healing and protruding hardware especially on one side of my chin, my surgeon will be removing a number of the titanium screws he... READ MORE

Chin reduction - skin removal?

I had a chin reduction via burring 2 years ago he didn't remove any skin and i wore a tight chin support for a week as my doctor said this would allow... READ MORE

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