2 Weeks Post-op + Chin Surgery

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Regretting sliding genioplasty. Bottom lip is thinner and chin is longer than before, can this be reversed asap? (photo)

(2wks post op) Although I have swelling I am 100 % certain my chin is longer - I can feel the bone. There is minimal swelling horizontally, however,... READ MORE

How Long Does It Take for Chin Swelling to Go Away After Surgery?

I just had a chin lift 14 days ago and I wore the face garment for 3 straight days, I went back to work and only wear it at night. I still see some... READ MORE

I Had a Sliding Genioplasty 12 Days Ago, my Face Looks Too Long; Should I Worry?

6 months ago, I had a chin contouring surgery that involved reducing the the height & witdh of my chin. This resulted in a receded chin, combined... READ MORE

Is this swelling or is this how my chin will look? (photo)

I had a sliding geneoplasty 12 days ago and I hate the way my chin looks. What can I do to get rid of this crease which has gotten worse after surgery? READ MORE

2 weeks post op chin reduction (sliding genioplasty). My chin looks big and round I am very unhappy! (Photo)

I had a chin reduction surgery exactly two weeks ago. He preformed a sliding genioplasty which reduced my vertical length by 5mm and also decreased... READ MORE

Are the dents in my chin permanent? (photos)

I had a sliding genioplasty 2 weeks ago. Are the dents in my chin permanent? I only noticed them today and they only appear when I smile. Will they go... READ MORE

Is this a start of skin necrosis or infection? (photos)

I had a chin reduction procedure 12 days a go and the incision has gone dark and purplish so was just seeing is there any cause for concern or is it... READ MORE

Post-op sliding genioplasty: is this fat underneath my chin or the new shape of my face of just swelling? (Photos)

I am around 2 1/2 weeks post op from my sliding genioplasty. My surgeon advanced my chin 6 mm and brought it up a few mm. But now it looks like the... READ MORE

Sliding genioplasty: rinsed my mouth and a single stitch came out (2 weeks post op)

I felt with my tongue a bumb where my stitches are in front of my lower teeth and thought it was food. So I took a syringe I got to help rinse my... READ MORE

Post Sliding Genioplasty: Chin Sticks out Too Much - Should I Get a Sliding Genioplasty Revision?

I recently got sliding genioplasty almost 2 weeks ago and I am not liking the results so far. My lower lip looks weird and my chin sticks out too much... READ MORE

Sliding genioplasty and swelling?

I got a sliding genioplasty done and was wondering what is the swelling time frame. Like when is 50% of the swelling gone and when is 90% gone? I'm 2... READ MORE

Had a sliding genioplasty. Will the shape of my chin change much after the two week post-op mark or am I stuck like this?

Two weeks ago, I got a rhinoplasty, sliding genioplasy, & submental liposuction all at once. My chin was advanced by 8mm, but it seems to be going... READ MORE

Tightness after Genioplasty?

I had sliding Genioplasty two weeks ago with inner mouth incision. I feel tightness and dryness got worse on stitching and bottom lip now! What can be... READ MORE

Should I have an MRI to determine what this tenderness behind my ear is? Can deep sutures cause nerve injury?

2 years s/p chin lift with keloid scarring behind my ears non-responsive to steroid injections. 6 months ago I began having intermittent facial... READ MORE

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