2 Months Post-op + Chin Surgery

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How do I get rid of my horizontal crease? (photo)

I had a sliding genoplasty about 2 months ago and was hoping to lessen my horizontal crease. It seems to have gotten worse. I just had my Dr. put... READ MORE

Is this my new chin? Can it be reversed? 2 month post-op sliding genioplasty. (photos)

I am devastated with the results. My chin is too prominate and tilted up, causing my lower face to look short with a large step off felt on the right.... READ MORE

Deep labiomental fold and curved chin after sliding genioplasty. Will this subside with more time? (Photos

I'm 10 weeks post-op from a lower jaw advancement with a sliding genioplasty. My bite is fine now, but I am devastated with my chin results. Since I... READ MORE

What can I do to make my face smaller? (photo)

I got chin surgery twice and I am not liking it %100. Its been 2 months since I had it done the second time and I am thinking its still swollen...? I... READ MORE

Is it normal to have a crooked smile after 2 months of chin reduction surgery?

2 months for my chin reduction surgery, I still can't smile very well And i have a crooked smile! is that normal? will it come back to normal with... READ MORE

Will the step off and double chin subside? Should I get this reversed? Will I look the same as before? (Photo)

I am so depressed post sliding genioplasty. It has been 8 wks since the surgery (done by an oral maxillofacial surgeon). I find my chin more... READ MORE

Is something wrong with my Intraoral incision after sliding genioplasty? (Photo)

I had s.g 7 weeks ago. The chin bone was forwarded 4-5 mm and vertically heightened as well. I am really worried because ever since i regained full... READ MORE

I have an inverted lip after intraoral chin lateral bone burring surgery 2 months ago. Can it be fixed? (Photo)

My surgeon says it takes time for the muscles to get used to the new form of the chin, but for me is not a satisfying answer, as my chin muscles move... READ MORE

Is it normal to be in extreme internal discomfort 6 weeks after chin lift surgery? (Photos)

Have deep creases and rope like bands from ear to ear. Feels like being strangled 24/7 so tight Range of motion and hear on right side is impaired READ MORE

Lip Numbness Back After Sliding Genioplasty

I had sliding genioplasty 2 months ago. By 1 month time most of my lower lip and chin sensation had already returned except for the very bottom part... READ MORE

Lymphatic Drainage Massage Help with Swelling 2 Months Post Op Genioplasty?

I had a sliding genioplasty 2 months ago and my lower face looks really fat and I have a double chin even though I am 115 pounds and 5'4. I have... READ MORE

2 Months Post Chin Reduction: Chin is Still Huge

Had a chin reduction 2 months ago and some fat added to even out the area also. It is still huge and tender to the touch. It looks worse than it did... READ MORE

Please Tell Me What I Can Do About a Step off Occuring in a Genioplasty??

I had this procedure done almost 2 months now and it resulted in this big U-shaped chin where it looks detached from my face and it does not form a... READ MORE

7 Weeks Post-genioplasty, my 'Lower Lip is Pulled Up and In' and Sensation Not Fully Returned. Is this Normal?

Has still not returned entirely to my chin area. When is this likely to resolve please? especially the lip issue? Also (ironically) face-on I look... READ MORE

2 months post op, I still have pain from sliding genioplasty months later. Is this normal?

I had a sliding genioplasty 2 months ago. Lately, I have been feeling light burning pains in my chin and a little in my bottom lip. My bottom lip has... READ MORE

7 weeks post op, I have lip incompetence and step off after a sliding genioplasty. Should I have a revision done?

Im 26 yrs female and now im 7 weeks post op genioplasty 6mm advancement,and now i have more lip incompetence and mentalis strain which i dont have... READ MORE

42 days for chin reduction surgery, still can't talk or smile very well. Is that normal?

It's been 42 days for my chin reduction surgery still Can't talk or smile very well and my smile looks very awkward! I can even feel that my lower lip... READ MORE

I've had a chin reduction 2 month ago and the result is far away from what I wanted. Chin augmentation or reduction? (Photo)

On the picture before operation You can see my chin was larger and slightly asymmetrical towards the right. I wanted to obtain a more even chin, and... READ MORE

It has been 10 weeks since Chin Augmentation. Is there a chance the crease will go away with more time and healing? (photo)

It's very clear now the implant is laying on a nerve. Would botox stil be an option to help the vertical crease when I talk? READ MORE

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