1 Week Post-op + Chin Surgery

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I Want to Know Why My Chin Is Still Swelling 9 Days Post Op?

Hi my chin was really big and i had chin reduction 1 week 2 days ago n i dont know i see my chin still really big..it doesnt looks smaller.. READ MORE

How Long for Results to Appear?

I am day 6 post sliding genioplasty for a receding chin. I am completely panicky. I wanted a subtle change but i find myself a completely different... READ MORE

Bottom lip got thiner :( & my face longer and older after sliding genioplasty, Do you recommemd partially revision surgery? (pho

I had Sliding genioplasty week ago (9mm forward and little down).I am so shocked and regret with my front face,my bottom lip rolled in and got 1/2size... READ MORE

Sagging Skin After Jaw Reduction and Genioplasty? (photo)

Hi, I've just had jaw reduction and genioplasty, it's only been 7days post op but I have quite a bit of sagging skin under the neck. I'm only 26,... READ MORE

1 week after sliding genioplasty. Does my chin looks fat? (Photo)

I had my sliding genioplasty about 1 week ago and the chin looks bigger than i expected. I had my re-check with my surgeon yesterday and he told me... READ MORE

Severe lips incompetence after mentoplasty. Any suggestions?

I have a recessed chin and had a chin augmentation done with 6mm implant (via intra-bucal). I'ts been 5 days, the swelling is gone and my lip feels... READ MORE

I had a chin reduction a week ago, chin is larger. Is this temporary?

I had a chin reduction a week ago, my chin is very much larger and more manly. I can't smile like I used to, and my mouth won't open all the way. Is... READ MORE

10 days post jaw/genioplasty and Fat Transfer, lower lip pulls to the left and top lip is uneven. Will this change? (photos)

I have many concerns re my double jaw & genioplasty surgery (10 days post op) but trying to stay positive and wait for final results. however 2... READ MORE

Are lumps around my chin normal 1 week post op of chin reduction (shaving)?

Hey there doctors, my names Alexis I'm 25 and just had a chin reduction on 2/21/17. Today I noticed while slightly rubbing against my jawline down to... READ MORE

What Do You Think of These Results? (photo)

I had genioplasty done about a week ago (so there is still numbness and some swelling) and I wanted to see what doctors here think of the results. I... READ MORE

1 week post op, I had a chin dimple creation surgery. The dimple had disappeared completely. Is this normal?

I had a chin dimple creation surgery.the dimple was deep and large enough after the surgery .its been almost a week now since i had the surgery, but... READ MORE

I'm Very Distressed. I Had a Sliding Genioplasty Done Last Week & my Lip Droops Right Side?

Please help.. I had a sliding genioplasty performed by a top plastic surgeon in my area 7 days ago, and when I speak the right side of my lower lip... READ MORE

My Chin Implant Was Removed 4 Days Ago Because of Infection.How Long Bfore It Clears Up?

I Am on Antibiotics (Cefadroxil 500mg) through this Wed. He put in 3 stitches in after removing the implant. I still have pus oozing out of the area. READ MORE

Is lower lip restriction normal after sliding genioplasty or is something wrong? Smile is ruined! Doc says wait. Nervous (Photo)

7 days ago I underwent sliding genioplasty / buccal fat removal / cheek implants / and jawline implants. I am swollen but I am stressing about my... READ MORE

Back in 2008 age 21, I went to Thailand to have chin & jaw reduction with Dr Suporn, he damaged my lower lip nerve forever?

I keep seeing doctors saying nerve damage is rare and comes back to normal, well after 7 years, my left lower lip still not recovered fully. If wasn't... READ MORE

I Had a Cheek/neck Lift Done 6 Days Ago. Should the Area Under my Chin Be Completely Smooth?

Directly following a cheek/neck lift (platysmaplasty) surgery, the area under my chin was completely smooth without dents or any signs of platysma... READ MORE

I had a chin reduction. It has been a week now but I don't feel that my chin has been smaller.

The tip of my chin is hard and part of my face is still swollen. is it possible that the hardness will remain? For how long should I use my strap? READ MORE

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