1 Month Post-op + Chin Surgery

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1 Month Post Sliding Genioplasty: Is This Swelling or Permanent?

I had this procedure done 1 month ago and I am very disappointed with the results. My chin now looks way too prominent(it actually sticks out of my... READ MORE

Lip and Chin Numbness 1 Month After Sliding Genioplasty

Hello, I had a sliding genioplasty almost 1 month ago. My lower lip and chin are still partially numb. Should I be worried? Thank you very much! READ MORE

5 Weeks Post Op Submental Liposuction and Sliding Genioplasty, my Face Still Looks Odd? (photo)

5 weeks ago, I had a sliding genioplasty to correct a receded chin resulting from a bad chin contouring surgery that I had six months earlier, which... READ MORE

Revision Genioplasty and Nerve Damages?

Hi, I had a 5 mm advancement bony sliding genioplasty 4 weeks ago. The swelling is almost gone, but I noticed my chin is not symetric, it's like... READ MORE

Is reversing a Sliding Genioplasty successful? What about post op complications?

Im one month post op sliding genioplasty, really regret doing the surgery it makes my face look longer and narrower besides my lips are more... READ MORE

Double Chin Re-appeared 5 Weeks Post Op, Why Would this Happen?

Initially I was very happy with the results, my double chin was COMPLETELY gone and looked amazing.Now, I'm 5 wks post op and when I go for 24... READ MORE

How to remove Chin dimple Caused by Chin Reduction surgery?

I've had Chin Reduction surgery a month ago, I've noticed a dimple on my chin that i never had before the surgery, my doctor told me that it can be... READ MORE

Sliding genioplasty. Do you think the swelling may come down? (Photo)

I had sliding genioplasty 1 month ago and i notice swelling in my chin and a line underneath my lip from the dissolvable sutures. Most of the sutures... READ MORE

Genioplasty, swollen chin (Photo)

I had a sliding genioplasty 1 month ago abroad and notice a line under my lower lip where the incision and sutures are located inside my lower lip.... READ MORE

7 Weeks Post Op Double Jaw Surgery and Genioplasty. Infection of my Chin and Scar Tissue Question (photo)

On Sept 14th 2011 I had my maxilla moved forward 4mm and my lower jaw moved back 3mm ( by IVRO) and a sliding genioplasty 6mm. I had a horrible... READ MORE

I Have a STEP-OFF Sliding Genioplasty!?

Sliding genioplasty done about 3.5 weeks ago and so far I am soo depressed about the results because it looks like I have this U-shaped chin. I have a... READ MORE

Had a Sliding Genioplasty Done About a Month Ago. Worried About the Incision Spot and Lower Lip Issues? (photo)

If you look at the incision spot, it looks like its too close to the teeth, my lower lip almost goes over my upper teeth when i clinch my teeth... READ MORE

Lower lip can't close after facial contouring and sliding genioplasty 5 weeks ago. Any suggestion? (photos)

My lower lip can't close as compared to my 'before' pic when I rest my lips.My surgeon is outstationed so I went to another clinic which the Doc took... READ MORE

What happened to my face?? (photos)

Hello 5 weeks ago I had chin augmentation I'm not sure if my chin got dislocated yesterday a small boy slapped my face twice with a lot of pressure... READ MORE

1 month post sliding genioplasty and rhinoplasty and scared and depressed with the way I look?

I was scared to look in the mirror thefirst few weeks and now still getscared sometimes especially in the morning when I look swollen. I also look... READ MORE

No difference 1 month post op chin reduction? (photos)

I had a chin reduction one month ago because I felt my chin was too big and masculine, I wanted a smaller, more triangular feminine chin. It's been a... READ MORE

Risk of relapse from lying on the face 4 weeks post Sliding Genioplasty?

It's been a little over 4 weeks since my Sliding Genioplasty (10 mm advancement). I woke up this morning lying face down on my pillow. Although I... READ MORE

Follow-up Question - Sliding Genioplasty 6 weeks ago, still have red lumps inside lower lip. What should I do?

Hi! 6 weeks after s.g, I am still having problems with 2 red inflamed lumps on the inside of my mouth (right where incisions are). I first thought... READ MORE

Right side pain/extreme swelling 6 months after sliding genioplasty?

Swelling came on the right side of my chin 1 month ago which gradually got worse, now the right side of my chin is very swollen/looks lopsided&... READ MORE

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