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Male with Small Double Chin - Best Chin Liposuction Technique is Better?

I'm a 37 year old male with a small double chin. I'm about 13% body fat and it's a low as I'd like to go. A recommended UK doctor... READ MORE

Chin Lipo (Tumescent): Open Versus Closed Drainage?

I am considering submental liposuction to get rid of a smallish double chin, and have consulted with several plastic surgeons. One, who is highly... READ MORE

What is the Best Lipo Technique when Removing Just a Small Amount of Excess Fat?

I'm 24 and only have a little excess fat on my chin but it's noticeable because I have a small chin. I might get a chin implant later but only... READ MORE

Why Do Some Doctors Use Traditional Liposuction After Smartlipo on the Chin/jowls?

Why Do Some Doctors Use Traditional Liposuction After Smartlipo on the Chin/jowls?And why others don't? READ MORE

Where do they perform chin liposuction?

If someone wants to get chin liposuction where do they perform the chin liposuction on? Is it from the back or sides of the neck? Can it be dangerous... READ MORE

Is there a special chin liposuction for direct top chin liposuction, not under chin fat?

I have access fat directly on the top of my chin not under the chin where fat usually goes it is literally directly on the part of my chin under my... READ MORE

Going to have chin lipo, wanted to make sure the doctor I chose is going to do it right because of seeing pictures of stitches

I'm going to have lipo on my double chin, wanted to make sure the plastic sergeant i chose is going to do it right he told me he's going in from both... READ MORE

How risky is repeat liposuction under the chin?

Is it very likely that there will be contour irregularities? What are the best methods for repeat lipo procedures? READ MORE

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