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How Risky is Jowl Liposuction?

I had Chin Liposuction in August. Fat was removed under my chin, not the jaw line. My face looks larger now as my jowls are still round, while my chin... READ MORE

Chances of Bad Results from Not Wearing Chin Strap After Chin Liposuction?

I have developed neck spasm. Recently, I had a jowl and Chin Liposuction. I wore the chin strap for 2 to 3 days and removed it due to neck pain. Got... READ MORE

Is Chin Lipo Dangerous?

What's percentage where chin lipo will affect/damage critical blood veins or major nerves? READ MORE

Risk of Nerve Damage with Chin/neck Liposcution?

I am looking to book my liposuction procedure for my chin/jowl area, but am absolutely terrified of having nerve damage causing a droopy mouth... im... READ MORE

Risk of Scarring from a Chin Tuck?

I am considering a chin tuck...have been born with a double chin as my husband puts it! I excercise regularly and watch what I eat....but the... READ MORE

Facial Liposuction in New Delhi India? (photo)

Hi I'm 28 years old and live in New Delhi (India) looking to do facial liposuction. Can you recommend a doctor in my area and the estimated cost? How... READ MORE

Chin Lipo Risks?

I am looking to get turmulescent micro lipo and I have been reading about all the risks...nerve damage, skin necrosis.. Etc. Can someone advise the %... READ MORE

Can I have chin liposuction done shortly before getting pregnant?

I am 38 and would like to get pregnant within the next 3-6 months. Can I have the chin liposuction done shortly before getting pregnant? If I had it... READ MORE

Is chin/neck lipo safe for a person that has hashimotos?

Hi doctors. I know this sounds like a weird question, but is chin/neck lipo safe for me if I have hashimotos? What about just chin lipo? I'm wondering... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Do Chin Liposuction While Wearing Braces?

Is It Safe to Do Chin Liposuction While Wearing Braces? READ MORE

Is there any way to treat a cannula track mark left on jawline/face after liposuction?

After liposuction for a double chin, it looks like I have a cannula track mark that comes from under the chin, across the jawline, and on to my face... READ MORE

Confused about "jawline" versus "jowl" liposuction - what's the difference?

There is a lot of discussion online about jawline & jowl liposuction, but most surgeons seem to agree that jowl liposuction (presumably on/above the... READ MORE

Anesthesia or local anesthesia during chin lipo? The incision will be underneath the chin.

I'm planning on doing chin lipo, the fat is directly underneath my chin and there is no fat on my jaw/jawline. The surgeon I met with said it could be... READ MORE

Chin liposuction, is the risk for nerve damaged less in the insiction is under the chin than behind the ears? Safest incision?

I'm 25, quite slim (57kg & 166 cm) and the fat is underneath my chin, not on the sides. I have very thin skin and I know I heal poorly/ugly scars.... READ MORE

Are there any facial liposuction experts? I know this is risky

That's why I'm looking for someone with a lot of experience. Under my chin and under my cheeks? Any other options? How about In Europe? READ MORE

What is the best lipo type for chin and neck?

Hello, I am interested in getting chin and neck lipo. I have consulted with a few surgeons and have been told I'm an excellent candidate who will... READ MORE

Lipo on double chin? (Photo)

I have an overbite and it has caused TMJ my TMJ pain has progressively gotten worse over the past 2 years. I have a double chin and it bothers me. If... READ MORE

What are the chances of developing DVT flying overseas shortly after liposuction to chin?

I will be having rhinoplasty in Los Angeles before flying back to Australia 6 days Post Op. The flight is 16 hours, plus another 5 hours after a short... READ MORE

What do you think is my chance of having sagging skin after chin lipo? (Photo)

I'm supposef to get chin lipo in about a month , just after seeing some really bad results of sagging skin I'm getting scared..,. So I added a picture... READ MORE

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