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Double Chin Exercises

Not so sure understand why the opinions of doctors on here is that double chin exercise is not possibel... wouldnt getting thinner and stronger neck... READ MORE

Non-surgical Double Chin Treatment?

I am 27. A few years ago I've put on 15kg. I've lost it (my weight is 56kg now) but I still have double chin since. Are there any cosmetic procedures... READ MORE

Non-Surgical Option For Bit of Fat Above Chin? (photo)

I have a bit of fat right above my chin. Is there something I can do about that without surgery to lift that bit of skin there? Any answers are much... READ MORE

What can I do to get rid the "double chin" I get when I smile? I think my chin is too small, how can I change this? (Photos)

I get a double chin quite easily from slightly moving my head down to smiling. I am 5'7" and 120lbs so I don't think it's fat, but I could be wrong.... READ MORE

I have a double chin. (photos)

I'm 37 and my face is fat. I'm looking for a chiseled chin that I see alot of models and celebrities have. How can I get this non surgically? READ MORE

Follow up to my previous question about non surgical neck fat loss? (photo)

Sorry perhaps i did not express my thoughts correctly what i meant was that i consider laser, thermage etc to be "surgical" in terms of costs even if... READ MORE

Will I benefit from lipo under my jaw/chin? (photo)

I know it won't make a huge difference but will it make a difference at all? I know I have a weak jaw and chin but sliding genioplasty and a chin... READ MORE

Double chin treatment. (photo)

I am female.20 years.I've hypothyroidism for many years.Taking Levothyroxine 50 mcg daily My weight also fluctuates every month.can only maintain it... READ MORE

How can I tighten up loose skin under my chin? (photos)

I've noticed the last few years that the skin under my chin is starting to sag and look loose. I'm starting to get self conscious about it and was... READ MORE

Follow up to question about neck liposuction: Is there and non surgical way to remove neck fat?

Uhm first of all i happen to be male, not female lol. just in case it matters. 2nd can the same liposuction under my chin,also be done at the sides of... READ MORE

My chin flattens and points downwards when I smile, goes dimply, makes me look like I have a double chin? (Photos)

Ever since I was younger (I'm 20), whenever I talk/move my chin/smile, my chin dimples up, presses back on itself, and rotates downwards. It gives my... READ MORE

I Have a square jawline like old peoples and no more triangular like young boys and teens. (photo)

I Have a square jawline like old peoples and no more triangular like young boys and teens Also my masseter muscles is hell going thicker .I am feeling... READ MORE

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