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Non-Invasive Procedure to Remove Double Chin

I would like to get rid of my "double chin" but I absolutely cannot have time off from work and showing up there wearing pressure bandage... READ MORE

How to Get Rid of Double Chin

Why doesn't diet and exercise work to get rid of a double chin?  READ MORE

How Effective is LaserLipo for Neck Fat?

I am a male in my early 40s. I am 5'11, 181 and in pretty good shape. i work out and am not overweight, BUT my entire neck area is fatty and has... READ MORE

Chin Liposuction, Neck Lift, or Both for 33 Year Old Male?

At 33 and I have recently noticed some bad changes in the my neck. My jaw is not as defined and angular as it use to be and I no longer have the... READ MORE

Lipo of Neck, Unsure of Results - 1 Week

I'm 35. Had lipo neck and chin a week ago. I thought the doc would say he didn't take enough fat, but he and the nurses were delighted at my... READ MORE

Male with Small Double Chin - Best Chin Liposuction Technique is Better?

I'm a 37 year old male with a small double chin. I'm about 13% body fat and it's a low as I'd like to go. A recommended UK doctor... READ MORE

Too Much Fat Removed After Chin Lipo

I had sub-mental liposuction a year ago, and the doctor took out too much fat in the area at the base (where neck meets jaw) and there is a triangle... READ MORE

Will Jaw Implants Make my Jawline More Square and Defined?

I'm a 24 yo male looking to get jaw implants. i was thinking about getting chin lipo to bring out my jawline but now I'm thinking about implants...i... READ MORE

Male Double Chin Removal

I am a 37old male, great health. Just lost 110lbs and working on my last 40-50 lbs. While I know once the weight is gone I need a major tummy tuck,... READ MORE

Platysma muscles causing double chin or fat? (photo)

I've recently noticed that I have gained a double chin. I doubt it's fat because I have been underweight my whole life (21 in 2weeks and 150-160... READ MORE

I don't have much of a chin. What is the best route to go? (photo)

As you can see in the photo, I don't have much of a chin. READ MORE

No Fat Reduction Under the Chin After Losing 50 Lbs?

I have lost close to fifty pounds over the last year. I have noticed fat reduction in every place on my body except under my chin. I suspect that... READ MORE

Lipo As my Last Option for Double Chin?

Hey all. I am 23 years old. I have always (since 7th grade) had a double chin. Both my parents have it, & neither are overweight. I am not... READ MORE

Do I Need Chin Liposuction? (photo)

I'm 28, 5'11" and 155 lbs. I frequently work out and eat well. Despite being at a healthy weight (and bf%) my neck refuses to look defined. I've been... READ MORE

Am I a Candidate for Chin Liposuction (Male)?

I am attaching two profile photos of me with my head in its normal position. I am an actor, and so having a tight chin/neck area is important to me.... READ MORE

Any effective non-surgical procedures for removal of fat and defining jaw line? (photos)

Asian male, 45 years old. I've had lower bleph perfomed successfully 4 years ago. I'm not a plastic surgery junkie but would like more definition to... READ MORE

Chin Liposuction?

I am 30yrs old male..I have very saggy loose skin under my chin...I am 6ft and weigh around 180 pounds..I am not overweight and look just alright... READ MORE

Is neck/chin augmentation ok for a Professional singer? (photo)

I am not happy with my profile, I'm considering neck liposuction, and/or a chin implant to give me a more masculine jawline. No matter how much weigh... READ MORE

Looking to create some angle/chisel to this baby face with no neck? (photo)

34 yrs old. Down from 300lbs to 210. Ive always had the baby face, lack of jaw line, fat neck, undefined/double chin. Lookin to get the definition, of... READ MORE

Candidate for neck/chin/jawline liposuction? (Photo)

Dears, i have had a chin job 1 year ago, however i would like my jawline to be more defined than it is at present. Could i make this happen by chin/... READ MORE

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