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Nerve Issue After Lipo of Chin and Neck/Jaw Line

After neck/chin lipo at what point should you become nervous or are certain things red flags? I am only two weeks out so I know it is soon but... READ MORE

Double Chin and Loose Jawline

Hi, I am 24 years old and am having some concerns with my jawline and lack of facial volume. I am 130lbs 5'5 in height, yet my face is lacking... READ MORE

What is the Best Option for Getting Rid of Neck Fat to Create a More Pronounced Jaw Line?

I'm a 25 year old female actress in Los Angeles and I'd like to get rid of my "double chin" and lower cheek area to create a more... READ MORE

Concerns with Chin Liposuction

I am 29, athletic, but have always had untoned skin and fat under my chin and around my jawline and am considering smart lipo. I am very concerned... READ MORE

Which helps slim sides of face better, lower chin liposuction or Botox?

I have both a wide stereo typically "Asian" face (flat droopy cheeks, temples as wide as jaw) and a soft one with little bone structure in my cheeks.... READ MORE

Fit 27 Year Old Man but I Have a Double Chin. Can Plastic Surgery Help? (photo)

Hi, I'm a 27 year old young professional and live a pretty active life style. I'm 6 ft about 175 pounds but my weight fluctuates based on what sports... READ MORE

How much does double chin and jaw line liposuction cost?

I want to get a double chin liposuction BTW jaw line lipo too I wonder what's the average cost when I get both done at the same time thank u. READ MORE

How to Get a More Musculine Jaw/chin/jawline? (photo)

Dear Realself, Just wonder how do i get a more muscline better looking jawline/ jaw/chin ? When my bodyfat reach 12% or more i getting a slight double... READ MORE

Post Neck Liposuction, Want a Stronger Jawline? (photo)

I had neck/chin liposuction a couple of years ago and very happy with results. However, now that the neck fat is reduced (I also lost weight), I am... READ MORE

What is the best, yet least invasive procedure to define my jawline/chin/neck area? (photos)

I'm 44 and have always hated my profile due to lack of definition between my face and neck. It seems in the last few years it's gotten even worse. I'd... READ MORE

Should I Have Lipo of my Jawline or a Neck Lift at 42? (photo)

I'm 42 and I don't like how my cheeks seem to be melting into my neck. I used to have a more visible jawline, but after 3 pregnancies my jawline seems... READ MORE

Improve Jawline and Chin? Define Cheeks? Would Like More Definition in Jawline. (photo)

When I look at pictures of my profile, I don't have much of a jawline and I would aim for a very define jawline if ever. Submental liposuction? Neck... READ MORE

Difference Between Fat, Extra Skin and Water Retention?

Hi, I'm a moderately thin girl of age 16 but I am concerned with what I believe is fat around my jawline.Since I am already at a low body fat... READ MORE

My jawline recedes into my neck and has no contour at all. What are my options for a more visible jawline? (photos)

I have no visible jawline. I think I have a heart shaped face that appears oval because of this fatty web-like skin under my chin. Even at my... READ MORE

Do I Need Chin Liposuction? (photo)

I'm 28, 5'11" and 155 lbs. I frequently work out and eat well. Despite being at a healthy weight (and bf%) my neck refuses to look defined. I've been... READ MORE

I want a more defined jawline like in my example picture, what would you recommend? (photos)

Ive never liked the way my faced looked from the side. My profile is very unattractive to me and I'm very self conscious about it. I would like to... READ MORE

25 yrs old with a saggy neck/ double chin. What do you recommend? (Photo)

I feel my profile is aging because i dont have any definition to my jawline, im a slim girl but have a double chin and barely any jawline. is there a... READ MORE

Have I lost my smooth jawline due to fat or lax skin? (Photo)

I already had ulthera, titan and it did not lift this area. It was suggested I do i lipo ot trusculpt. Makes sense, if thisis fat. I am very thin,... READ MORE

What is the best procedure to define a weak jawline? (photo)

I'm 25 years old & my jawline appears non-existent. Not sure if it's excess skin/fat around my jaw/neck (even though I am skinny) My jaw and neck... READ MORE

Any effective non-surgical procedures for removal of fat and defining jaw line? (photos)

Asian male, 45 years old. I've had lower bleph perfomed successfully 4 years ago. I'm not a plastic surgery junkie but would like more definition to... READ MORE

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