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Lipo for the Face?

I was looking to get lipo done on my face ( possibly smart lipo). More specifically the double chin and jowl area and cheeks. My question is, I am not... READ MORE

Chin Implant- Too Wide? (photo)

Hi! Its been 5 weeks since i did my surgery. I had a liposuction + chin implant. I really feel that this surgery has changed my face from the front... READ MORE

When Will I Look Normal? Neck Lipo and Chin Implant 4 Days Ago?

I got neck liposuction on Monday (4 days ago) and a chin implant my neck is already very skinny will it get even more skinny? Also, my chin looks... READ MORE

Healing of Nerves After Chin Lipo and Augmentation?

It's been 5 weeks since I've had my chin augmentation & liposuction under the chin. I think I'm healing fine, but the nerve from my chin to my... READ MORE

Do I need general anesthesia for chin liposuction and chin implant?

I will have chin liposuction and chin medpor implant with screws. I would like to avoid general anesthesia. Is it possible to do just with local? READ MORE

Is this normal swelling for chin implant/lipo? Looks like jowl. (photos)

I'm almost two months out of surgery and I'm concerned about how its looking READ MORE

What can be done with my chin/chins? (photo)

I have lived with this for too long and i have a very bad complex about it,so much its running my life..I was told by 2 docs that no treatment would... READ MORE

Is this even possible? (chin liposuction) (Photo)

I came across this photo on Google of a patient who had chin liposuction (that's what it said, although I'm not sure if she also had an implant done).... READ MORE

Do I need a chin implant or chin lipo? (photos)

I've always been very unhappy with my double chin. I'm a crossfitter and I'm at 21% body fat, but my chin fat is not affected by weight loss and... READ MORE

Did I ruin my chin lipo?

Hello I'm a 19 year old male and I recently had a chin implant and lipo. I'm naturally skinny everywhere but unfortunately all the fat goes to my face... READ MORE

Chin Lipo & Possible Chin implant 10 weeks before wedding? Enough Recovery? (photos)

For the past 8 years I've considered getting chin/neck Lipo and/or possibly a chin implant to help give me a more defined jawline. Based on my... READ MORE

Chin/Neck Lipo, chin implant or jawline revision? (Photo)

Hi, my face very much resembles the before pic of Claudia Lynx, shapeless and without any beautiful angles in the chin and jaw area. Which type of... READ MORE

Could chin implants and lipo give me results like this? (photos)

I have a very weak chin and a lot of fat under my chin. My question is that if results like the second picture could be achieved. READ MORE

Chin Lipo or Chin Implant? (Photo)

I'm getting rhinoplasty ... But on getting my consultation I was told that from my side profile I could benefit from a chin implant. I have done... READ MORE

Unsure of the right procedure: submental lipo, kybella, or buccal fat removal. Areas of concern: side profile. (Photos)

I want to be certain before getting a certain procedure that it's going to be the right procedure that will give me the results I want. I'm more... READ MORE

What procedure is right for me? Chin/Neck Lipo or a Chin Implant? (photos)

I have always hated my chin. I have a double chin and I'm no where near overweight. I also have a significant large amount of cheek fat. I was... READ MORE

How long do I need to wait before I get a Chin lipo?

Hello i got a chin implant for 4 month ago and i wonder if i can get a chin lipo because i feel that i have fat and i hate it. so now my question is... READ MORE

What facial structure surgery could I benefit from? (photo)

I think liposuction of my neck/chin or a chin implant would help balance my face better, what do you guys think? READ MORE

Chin implant, chin liposuction or both? (photos)

I find my side profile to be really unattractive. I know I need liposuction. Do you think liposuction will make my chin appear more attractive or... READ MORE

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