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How Long Will I Take to Heal from Chin/jawline Liposuction?

I am having the area below my chin and jawline liposuctioned. I am wondering how long will it be until I look pretty normal, and how long will it... READ MORE

Is It Normal for Swelling to Heal Faster on One Side of the Face After Neck Liposuction?

I had chin and neck lipo 11 days ago for my noticeable double chin and jowls I am worried because 11 days post op my left side looks wonderful with... READ MORE

Healing of Nerves After Chin Lipo and Augmentation?

It's been 5 weeks since I've had my chin augmentation & liposuction under the chin. I think I'm healing fine, but the nerve from my chin to my... READ MORE

My neck seems the same after a few days of healing - is this normal? Is it due to swelling? (Photo)

August 4th I had smas lift and chin lipo, upper blephs and browlift. Much Improvement on eyes, but neck seems the same after a few days of healing... READ MORE

2 weeks post op chin/neck lipo. Is this normal healing? (photos)

Do you think the lopsided look that I have now will even out? I know it is early in the healing process. Will it eventually resemble the 1 day post op... READ MORE

medication After a Chin Liposuction?

What are the medications that should be taken in order to relieve the pain after chin liposuction? What else will help beside medicine? READ MORE

How Much More of a Factor is Diet Before Chin Lipo Compared to Medication Afterwards?

Does a low salt diet before chin lipo help just as much as anti-inflammatory medications after a procedure? READ MORE

I have unequal healing/lump after chin lipo/neck lift. Any suggestions?

I had a neck lift and chin lipo on Friday, July 10. I'm generally happy with the results so far, but there is a definite lump under on the left side... READ MORE

Chin lipo not yet healed after 5 months (Photo)

I had my chin lipo last october 2, 2013 but still my chin is not ok my doctor made a draining proceduce feb.18, 2014 but still it dont looked good..... READ MORE

Still have a double chin w/ plasmy after a chin lift and lipo. Any suggestions? (photos)

I'm almost 5 weeks healing. Under my chin is a hard muscle. Dr said after procedure done he saw definition READ MORE

Chin liposuction price and recovery? (photos)

I'm 30 years old . I have pcos and gained and lost weight and have a double chin which won't go away . I'm curious what healing process looks like as... READ MORE

Skin is not completely tight three and a half months after Chin Liposuction. Any suggestions?

I had chin liposuction three and a half months ago. At first, it looked like I had long bands that felt hard under my chin. My doctor told me it was... READ MORE

Creasing compression garment after chin lipo, should I just take it off?

I had chin lipo a week ago , I'm wearing my compression garment & wastold not to let it crease or wrinkle..... but it does, I can't help it , I... READ MORE

I had chin lipo, buccal fat pad removal and I removed my eye bags Monday morning. I am very swollen and I look really scary?

On average, how long does it take to look normal? Can I use Ice packs or anything to heal fast? I understand results won't show right away. Too... READ MORE

What double chin removal procedure had the least head wrap needed?

Hello, I really want to get my double chin taken out...31 yo female 130lbs 5'5"...since I'm not heavier my double chin looks so weird! Anyways,... READ MORE

Arm and chin and neck lipo: Jawline swollen and hard, 6 weeks post-op.

6 weeks ago today I had my arms and chin lipoed. My jawline is still swollen and hard. When I laugh it's really noticeable as the swelling in my... READ MORE

Compression for chin lipo slipped off while I was sleeping and I got very swollen. Will this prolong my healing?

I recently purchased a new compression garment so that I could wash the one I was given on the day of my chin lipo. It slipped down my head while I... READ MORE

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