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How Long Will I Take to Heal from Chin/jawline Liposuction?

I am having the area below my chin and jawline liposuctioned. I am wondering how long will it be until I look pretty normal, and how long will it... READ MORE

Is It Normal for Swelling to Heal Faster on One Side of the Face After Neck Liposuction?

I had chin and neck lipo 11 days ago for my noticeable double chin and jowls I am worried because 11 days post op my left side looks wonderful with... READ MORE

Healing of Nerves After Chin Lipo and Augmentation?

It's been 5 weeks since I've had my chin augmentation & liposuction under the chin. I think I'm healing fine, but the nerve from my chin to my... READ MORE

My neck seems the same after a few days of healing - is this normal? Is it due to swelling? (Photo)

August 4th I had smas lift and chin lipo, upper blephs and browlift. Much Improvement on eyes, but neck seems the same after a few days of healing... READ MORE

How Much More of a Factor is Diet Before Chin Lipo Compared to Medication Afterwards?

Does a low salt diet before chin lipo help just as much as anti-inflammatory medications after a procedure? READ MORE

medication After a Chin Liposuction?

What are the medications that should be taken in order to relieve the pain after chin liposuction? What else will help beside medicine? READ MORE

2 weeks post op chin/neck lipo. Is this normal healing? (photos)

Do you think the lopsided look that I have now will even out? I know it is early in the healing process. Will it eventually resemble the 1 day post op... READ MORE

I have unequal healing/lump after chin lipo/neck lift. Any suggestions?

I had a neck lift and chin lipo on Friday, July 10. I'm generally happy with the results so far, but there is a definite lump under on the left side... READ MORE

Chin lipo not yet healed after 5 months (Photo)

I had my chin lipo last october 2, 2013 but still my chin is not ok my doctor made a draining proceduce feb.18, 2014 but still it dont looked good..... READ MORE

Still have a double chin w/ plasmy after a chin lift and lipo. Any suggestions? (photos)

I'm almost 5 weeks healing. Under my chin is a hard muscle. Dr said after procedure done he saw definition READ MORE

Skin is not completely tight three and a half months after Chin Liposuction. Any suggestions?

I had chin liposuction three and a half months ago. At first, it looked like I had long bands that felt hard under my chin. My doctor told me it was... READ MORE

What double chin removal procedure had the least head wrap needed?

Hello, I really want to get my double chin taken out...31 yo female 130lbs 5'5"...since I'm not heavier my double chin looks so weird! Anyways,... READ MORE

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