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Double Chin is Too Firm to Be Fat. How To Create More Definition?

I have noticed more of a double chin in the past few months, but because the rest of me is lean, and because the area under my jaw is very firm, I... READ MORE

What is the best, yet least invasive procedure to define my jawline/chin/neck area? (photos)

I'm 44 and have always hated my profile due to lack of definition between my face and neck. It seems in the last few years it's gotten even worse. I'd... READ MORE

Improve Jawline and Chin? Define Cheeks? Would Like More Definition in Jawline. (photo)

When I look at pictures of my profile, I don't have much of a jawline and I would aim for a very define jawline if ever. Submental liposuction? Neck... READ MORE

I want a more defined jawline like in my example picture, what would you recommend? (photos)

Ive never liked the way my faced looked from the side. My profile is very unattractive to me and I'm very self conscious about it. I would like to... READ MORE

Is Chin Liposuction the Solution for Me? (photo)

I am a 24 year old male. 5'9" and 138 pounds. I'm really skinny, but my jawline is not defined at all and I have a small double chin as... READ MORE

Would I Be Suitable for Lipo or a Neck Lift to Give Definition Between my Chin and Neck Area? (photo)

Square on it does not look so bad but from angles, generally beneath my chin it it quite obvious that there is a lack of definition between my jawline... READ MORE

Candidate for neck/chin/jawline liposuction? (Photo)

Dears, i have had a chin job 1 year ago, however i would like my jawline to be more defined than it is at present. Could i make this happen by chin/... READ MORE

Chin Lipo? What Do You Recommend For My Face? (photo)

Hi there, There's something masculine about my appearance...but, I cant quite put my finger on it. It may be poor definition between the jaw &... READ MORE

What type of surgery would be ideal for me to have a defined jawline and to get rid of my double chin? (Photo)

No matter what weight I am I have a double chin and round face just like my mom. I have been considering chin liposuction but after seeing other... READ MORE

What are my options to get a more defined jaw line/no double chin? (photos)

I am looking to achieve a very defined jaw line and reduce my double chin? What are the best options to achieve this kind of result? I have attached a... READ MORE

How much fat do you need to have for chin lipo?

I have a small amount of fat under my chin but I'd like to make my jaw look more defined. Is chin lipo too extreme? READ MORE

Vaser Lipo or Cool Lipo for More Defined Jaw Line and Fat Under Chin Removed in a 38-year Old? (photo)

I want a more defined jawline and the fat under my chin removed. I'm 38 and want a less bottom-heavy and more oval-shaped face. One doctor recommended... READ MORE

I'm 51, African American and female. I want to have the fat under my chin removed. What is the best procedure for me? (Photo)

My skin is relatively good for my age. I would like to also define my jawline. What would your suggestion be. I understand I would need to see a Dr... READ MORE

What should I do to make my neck and chin look more like the picture on the right? (photos)

I'm 17 and I'm very thin but I would like to know how I can make my chin a bit more defined without getting an implant. I would just like my chin to... READ MORE

Can I define my jaw line with chin/neck lipo? (Photo)

I don't like my profile. I'm getting my nose done in March but would like to do something about my chin too not sure if it's an implant or lipo I... READ MORE

Chin/neck lipo or neck lift? (Photo)

I recently lost almost 100lbs over 2 years by excercising and diet. I'd like to have a more defined neck/jawline, but i wonder if lipo will do the... READ MORE

Is this the start of my final result for chin lipo? (Photos)

I am on day 16 post op for chin and neck lipo. The first week of post op you could really see the difference (first photo) and it felt super tight... READ MORE

Best method of chin liposuction?

Hi there, I am planning on getting chin liposuction to lose my turkey neck double chin (hereditary) and have a more defined jaw line. I know there are... READ MORE

What procedures are needed for my undefined profile? (Photo)

To whom it may concern: I workout regularly and have always had an undefined profile. I am unsure if it is a result of neck fat, a weak chin, or a... READ MORE

I am considering getting liposuction under the chin and jowls to give a more defined jawline. No implants (Photo)

Would liposuction of the chin and jowls define my Jawline and face more? Also take away from the round chubby cheeks. READ MORE

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