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Chin Liposuction Cost

I am a female looking to get liposuction plastic surgery to remove fat from under my chin. What's the average price of chin liposuction, or at... READ MORE

Liposuction of Chin/neck Area. Is it Done Under General Anesthesia? What Do You Recommend? (photo)

Is it possible to do liposuction of the chin/neck area/jawline by itself? Is this done under general anesthesia or sedation? How much does it cost? Do... READ MORE

How much does double chin and jaw line liposuction cost?

I want to get a double chin liposuction BTW jaw line lipo too I wonder what's the average cost when I get both done at the same time thank u. READ MORE

My Double Chin is Not from Being Fat I'm Also Underage and I Would Like to Know How Much Would It Cost?

My body is an average one not fat neither skinny but since I started becoming a teenager I developed a double chin that I hate. I'm 16 years old and I... READ MORE

Double Chin Reduction Questions? (photo)

Hi. I've been overweight all of my life but I have noticed that my double chin is the feature that absolutely destroys my self-esteem. I'm a college... READ MORE

How Much Does Fat Chin or Double Chin Surgery/liposuction Cost?

Well I'm short 4'11 and I'm 19 years old almost 20, my neck is short and I have this little fat chin that I like to get rid of it, I don't like it at... READ MORE

I'm 18 and 100 Lbs, but Have Stubborn Chin Fat. I Also Have One Protruding Ear. How Much Would It Cost to Fix? (photo)

As I stated in the question, I'm 18 and very slim... yet i have somewhat of a double chin, which is definitely genetic (my brother, also slim, has the... READ MORE

Facial Liposuction in New Delhi India? (photo)

Hi I'm 28 years old and live in New Delhi (India) looking to do facial liposuction. Can you recommend a doctor in my area and the estimated cost? How... READ MORE

How much does a chin liposuction cost around where I live? Bridgeport CT (Photo)

Hello, I'm 22 years old and I weight about 120 pounds, and I'm 5'6. I'd say I'm pretty slim over all since I have a really small frame. But from my... READ MORE

Chin Lipo/Chin Reduction/Rhinoplasty? Costs and Advice? (photo)

I was wondering about the costs of these procedures and if they are all necessary for me to achieve my desired look. The cartilage in my nose is... READ MORE

36 year old female wants to get rid of fat under chin. What are options? Costs? Will there be noticeable improvement? (Photo)

I have had a "gibbler" as I like to call it for several years now. I'm a 36 year old female who is in good health and not overweight. I gained a... READ MORE

Laser Lipo on double chin or Kybella? Portland Oregon. (photo)

Greetings! Im going to just going to jump right in here. I have a consult for Kybella on May 25th. In PDX. I have done a bit of research & with... READ MORE

Cost of chin liposuction? (photos)

I have suffered from a double chin most of my life, even when I was my thinnest. I realized as an adult that this was genetic (thanks mom) and no... READ MORE

What procedure would I most benefit from to fix my double chin? (photos)

I am a 47 year old woman and I have the family turkey neck curse. I am wondering what procedure I would most benefit from and the cost in my area for... READ MORE

I am looking for estimates on multiple procedures, I am from Rhode Island, so face to face consult is unlikely. (Photo)

Procedures: Chin lipo (for double chin/ lack of chin to neck definition) Rhinoplasty (for a bump on the bridge, reduce nostril size, possibly reduce... READ MORE

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