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Neck Lipo Vs. Chin Implant

I have somewhat of a double chin and a short neckline. I'm afraid if I get a chin implant, my neck will look even shorter. What is the best procedure... READ MORE

Chin Liposuction or Hypermobile Lip Surgery?

I'm a 22 year old female who exercises moderately and eats well. I have a hereditary double chin that appears when I smile or laugh. I'm... READ MORE

Which helps slim sides of face better, lower chin liposuction or Botox?

I have both a wide stereo typically "Asian" face (flat droopy cheeks, temples as wide as jaw) and a soft one with little bone structure in my cheeks.... READ MORE

Chin Liposuction or Jaw Surgery?

I am female and I had a chin implant 3 years ago but the impact isn't as great as I would like. I wondered if I would be a candidate for chin... READ MORE

What is better for the Chin Lipo; regular lipo or Smartlipo (laser lipo)?

Hello, I want to do lipo on my chin, but I see some surgeons don’t do smartlipo (laser) and some do. What is the difference, what is better? Is t... READ MORE

Why Do Some Doctors Use Traditional Liposuction After Smartlipo on the Chin/jowls?

Why Do Some Doctors Use Traditional Liposuction After Smartlipo on the Chin/jowls?And why others don't? READ MORE

Laser Lipo on double chin or Kybella? Portland Oregon. (photo)

Greetings! Im going to just going to jump right in here. I have a consult for Kybella on May 25th. In PDX. I have done a bit of research & with... READ MORE

Can Chin Liposuction help me? (photos)

Everybody on my dad's side has the double chin, including my aunt who's a fitness guru. I was born with the double chin. I've also had weight problems... READ MORE

How can I decide between chin liposuction and Kybella? (Photo)

I'm a 30 year old white male, trying to decide between chin liposuction and Kybella. I'm in good shape, not overweight, but have stubborn chin fat... READ MORE

Neck lipo or chin implant? (Photo)

I've always felt like I didn't have a neck pre-say.......I like my alface from the front, but I HATEEEEEE my side profile....I've been researching... READ MORE

Double chin lipo or neck lift? (Photo)

I can see my double chin when taking side pictures sometimes. I also feel like I have a weak chin. Is it just me or should I really get a procedure... READ MORE

Do I need a chin implant or chin lipo? (photos)

I've always been very unhappy with my double chin. I'm a crossfitter and I'm at 21% body fat, but my chin fat is not affected by weight loss and... READ MORE

Aqualyx for double chin area or liposuction? (Photo)

I have a double chin which I want rid of, I am only slim however it will not budge! Nowhere in my area offers 'cool mini' and kybella is yet to be... READ MORE

Chin lipo alone or lipo with platysmaplasty? (Photo)

I want a more defined chin and neck. I don't think I have any neck bands showing. I'm 6"2, 203 and a 50 yo. Lipo? Lipo & platysmaplasty? Will I... READ MORE

Would I be a good candidate for Chin Liposuction or surgery? (photos)

I have always had a double chin, even though I am thin. It almost seems more like excess skin than fat. Based on my pictures, would I be a good... READ MORE

Which would you recommend; Lipo, Kybella or neck lift? (photos)

I am 47 and my inherited waddle is just something I can no longer ignore. I am terrified of surgery and cannot even believe that I am considering an... READ MORE

What differences can I expect between neck/chin liposuction and neck/chin liposuction with a neck suspension suture?

Hello I'm 36 male and have gone through one round of ultherapy to achieve a more defined jawline as well as having less fullness to the bottom of my... READ MORE

Chin Liposuction or Ultherapy? (photos)

I consulted with a plastic surgeon about my chin profile and they suggested either doing liposuction to remove the fat pad beneath my chin (which they... READ MORE

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