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Double Chin and Loose Jawline

Hi, I am 24 years old and am having some concerns with my jawline and lack of facial volume. I am 130lbs 5'5 in height, yet my face is lacking... READ MORE

Chin Liposuction For Double Chin? Normal Weight, Naturally Round Face? (photo)

Hi, im 5ft 6" and have never weighed over 135lbs in my life, but, despite being in a normal weight range i have a double chin, of sorts. my face is... READ MORE

My jawline recedes into my neck and has no contour at all. What are my options for a more visible jawline? (photos)

I have no visible jawline. I think I have a heart shaped face that appears oval because of this fatty web-like skin under my chin. Even at my... READ MORE

Non-invasive/little to no downtime neck and/or chin liposuction? (Photo)

Hello, 27 year old who is looking to reduce the amount of fat under chin. I am 5'4" and around 135 pounds. Even when I get down to 120 I have this... READ MORE

Best fat removal for under chin? (Photo)

I'm a healthy, 30 year old woman who has had this fat under my chin for years. I'm not overweight (5'8 149 lbs) so I'm not sure why I have this but I... READ MORE

What procedure would help define my jawline and connect my chin to my jaw? (Photo)

Would liposuction of my chin and jawline be enough to address the lack of definition in my face or am I a candidate for buccal fat pad removal?I also... READ MORE

Chin Liposuction - Recent Weight Changes?

Due a threatment of an illness i had a weight change (lost 16 KG, from 82 to 66/65 KG, age 30, height 1,75 - since New Year stable). A double chin in... READ MORE

Female, 20s with double chin (not overweight). What options would fix my issue? (Photo)

Hi! I am a 23Y/O female, about 140 pounds, and 5' 5". I am not over weight by any means and yet I still have this double chin look going and of course... READ MORE

Can chin lipo fix this? Can my desired look be achieved? (photos)

I really want a smaller chin / tighter jawline and hate the extra skin and fat under my chin. Do I need plastic surgery or can the results be achieved... READ MORE

What would be best to do to get rid of my double chin? (Photo)

I have a double chin no matter my weight! Even at 130 lbs I still have it. I'm so sick of it. I'm 29 yrs old and just want a good profile.... READ MORE

I'm 25/F. Submental liposuction or would need more? (photos)

I'm interested in changing the appearance of my jaw/chin/neck as I don't think it's proportional to the rest of my face. I'm 5'5 and around 130 pounds... READ MORE

What procedure will work best to remove neck, chin/jaw fat? And correct my smile? (photos)

Which procedures would refine my jaw line, give me a sleeker neck & correct my crooked lips? I'm a healthy 35 yr old female, 5'1, 130 lbs, I live... READ MORE

I have extreme fat pads on my cheeks. Is liposuction the best option? (Photo)

I am 5'8'' and 140lbs, my cheeks have always been more "full" and I am extremely self conscious of it. I lower half of my face is large and... READ MORE

Should I lose weight before seeking chin/neck liposuction? If I do this now, will it prevent it getting worse in the future?

My father had no chin by the time he was 40, the skin sunk into his neck. I am about to turn 34, and I've noticed, not so much a double chin, but like... READ MORE

Is chin and jowl liposuction the most suitable procedure for my round face? (Photo)

I'm in my early 20s and there seems to be a lot of fat in the lower half of my face. I'm considering getting chin/jowl liposuction. I was also... READ MORE

Could there be another issue rather than just a "fat neck"? (photos)

I'm a 27 year old female and I've had this one ring of fat around my neck my whole life. Even when I was at my slimmest (135lbs), it was still present... READ MORE

I want to lose the double chin, and have definition between my neck and jaw line, what are my options? (Photos)

Looking for a Dr. to do liposuction for my neck and chin. I am 40 years old, Mom of a 9 month old and a 3 year old, 5'6" and 132 lbs. I inherited this... READ MORE

Double chin liposuction

Hi I am 10 stones 5ft 4 I have a fat double chin although I'm not over weight. Even if I lose half a stone this remains. Mothers also has this. I'm in... READ MORE

If I already have a chin implant, is it safe to get lipo?

Hello, If you already have a chin implant, is it safe a few years later to have liposuction to remove the fat that has accumulated a double chin for... READ MORE

Can fat be removed from my face to achieve a more defined jawline?

My cheekbones are high and I have a strong chin, I only weigh 140 pounds and Im a 6 foot tall 18 year old male, however there is a stubborn layer of... READ MORE

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