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My Surgeon Doesn't Do Computer Imaging Should I Be Concerned?

I called to get a consultation for a chin implant and the lady said the doctor doesn't do computer imaging? She said instead they draw a picture?... READ MORE

Nerve Damage After Chin Implant- Should It Be Removed?

I had a chin implant and rhinoplasty 2 weeks ago. Since the surgery I've been feeling numbness in my left hand pinky and ring fingers almost... READ MORE

Strange Mark Next to Chin Implant Scar? (photo)

I had a chin implant (large) and neck lipo on may 25th, and on both sides, this strange purple-ish mark has appeared. I am worried and was wondering... READ MORE

I Had Mersilene Mesh Chin Implant, and Feel a Small Bump Beside It... What Could It Be?

I had a mesh chin implant 31 days ago, and it was ok so far, but since I'm not as swollen as I was before, I can star seeing some things I'm a... READ MORE

Concerned Over Silicone Nasal and Chin Implants

I've silicone nasal and chin implants and fear that one day, there will be so much resorption that it will revert to square one. Is my fear... READ MORE

Is It Capsular Contraction 3 Weeks Post Op?

I did chin implant through mouth 3 weeks ago. However it's little bit asymmetric (it's oblique to the left side). My doctor tried to correct... READ MORE

Should I be worried about lip movement and smile after chin implant?

I am 10 days post op. Before I could move my lips and show my bottom teeth. I move my bottom lip now and try to move the muscles to bring it to show... READ MORE

What type of chin implant revision would one recommend for an unwanted boxy and long chin implant? 2 months post op (Photo)

I was told the implant is resting over my bone, but I do not like the "U" look. I got a medium winged implant -sutured down. I specifically told him I... READ MORE

Complete numbness of bottom lip and chin 5 days after chin implant surgery. Should I be worried? (Photo)

Small chin implant with wings inserted 5 days ago. Since surgery-extremely sore and completely numb on both bottom lip and chin.can't open my mouth... READ MORE

Organism tissue after chin implant

Hello doctors I had done chin implant surgery 1yr ago.but from 2 weeks I have found that something like cyst near to my chin implant.it is to hard.but... READ MORE

Can anyone reassure me about getting a chin implant? Horror stories are getting to me :(

This may be a dumb question, &I apologize in advance! I'm worried if the nerves and/or muscle could be damaged indefinitely? The numb feeling ¬ ... READ MORE

How to repair a damaged marginal mandibular nerve stretch injury due to a chin implant? It's been 8 months. I'm worried (Photo)

I had a small Mittelman Pre Jowl Chin implant put in on 2-12-16 and had it removed on 3-30-16. Since having it out now for eight months my lip still... READ MORE

10 days PO platysmaplasty, chin implant (oral incision) & neck lipo. I have jowls that were not here before. (Photos)

I had platysmaplasty, chin implant(oral incision) & neck lipo done just 10 days ago. Stitches are still in. I am a little worried that this has... READ MORE

Will my chin implant become less sharp and long? At least by 5mm?

Hi, i am worried if my medpor Chin implant is too sharp amd long for me, my doctor is a good surgeon, and customized my implant, but i am afraid its... READ MORE

Should I be worried about infection?

I am two weeks out from a sub mental chin implant which was done out of the country. Most of my swelling is gone and my incision site looks great and... READ MORE

Do I need a chin implant? Prefer implant than sliding genioplasty. (photos)

I really want to fix my receding chin. I have a slight overbite but not enough for jaw advancement. I'd rather have an implant than sliding... READ MORE

Would a chin implant would be right for me? (photo)

I'm worried that i might have to do more than just a simple implant, my dad went through the method of breaking his jaw to re-align it and I don't... READ MORE

Chin implant infection. Is it anything to worry about? (Photo)

I had a chin implant 10 days ago, I nicked my incision shaving 2 days ago. There's a small white pimple where I cut it. Is it anything to worry about?... READ MORE

I'm considering a Chin Implant. Are the results likely to be bad?

I had a Septorhinoplasty in November. My surgeon recommended a chin implant, but I was really hesitant at the time.. for a few reasons. Money, the... READ MORE

Loose mandible implant. Should I be worried?

I had medpor mandible implants installed 4 days ago and I feel slight movement on the left one. The one on the right side is a solid fit. My surgeon... READ MORE

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