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How Can I Get a Wider Face?

I would like to know what procedures I could get to make my face wider. I was wondering all the possible methods to widen a face, from the forehead,... READ MORE

Is a Sliding Genioplasty or Chin Implant Recommended? (photo)

Do you advise getting a sliding genioplasty or chin implant to make chin more masculine and especially in adding vertical and horizontal height. I... READ MORE

Will Chin Implants Improve my Facial Structure? (photo)

Am I a good candidate for an implant? I want to improve my projection, chin height, and chin width. I would like an unbiased opinion before I proceed... READ MORE

Can A Chin Implant Add Vertical Height To A Small Chin?

Hi. I have small chin. From profile view my chin is good. I just need to add vertical height. Can Chin Implants add vertical height? And can Chin... READ MORE

Fat Transfer? Chin Implant? for a Wider Face. (photo)

Hi there I'm wanting to know whether fat transfer or a form of chin implant or both would make my face wider and give that "masculine" "square jaw... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Lengthen the Chin and Widening It with Chin Implant? (photo)

I am wondering if I could avoid Genioplasty and just get it done with a chin implant. How far can I go with a chin implant? I am looking for a... READ MORE

Chin Implant Vs Fat Graft; Jaw Implants? (photo)

In addition to a rhinoseptoplasty, I will be doing a chin aug/submental lipo.Want square chin. Implant best way to go or fat grafting or fillers?... READ MORE

What procedure is required to widen the chin?

Ok I have looked around for some time and there is no clear answer what operation will widen my chin maybe 1-1.5cm is this possible? This kind of... READ MORE

Chin Implant with Sliding Genioplasty

Can i have a chin implant and a sliding genioplasty at the same time? I want to add length to my chin but i also like how a chin implant widens the... READ MORE

Chin implant or Genioplasty? I have a small chin and I think it needs to be wider, but I need advice. (photo)

I think my chin could be slightly longer but I know it needs to be wider. I have chubby lower cheeks and it looks like i have jowls on the sides of my... READ MORE

Chin implant added on after genioplasty?

After having sliding genioplasty, I'm very happy with how my chin looks, in regards to its length. Let me go ahead and state I had this done six... READ MORE

Adding Fat Back After Neck/chin Liposuction to Widen My Lower Jaw/Chin?

I had chin and neck liposuction as well as a chin implant placed over a year ago. I had and still have a very narrow short lower jaw which looks even... READ MORE

What Cosmetic Procedure Would Be Best to Help my Face to Look Less Long and Thin?

I had a chin implant about 2 years ago and my profile looks much better but I feel that it added to the length of my face. It also dramatically... READ MORE

Am I a Candidate for a Chin Implant and or Jaw Implant?

Ive been planning on getting a chin implant to widen/enhance my face/chin as it something Ive been self conscious of for years. I have a small jaw,... READ MORE

Cheek and chin implants to make face longer and wider?

My bicep is the size of my face, and I'm not even a bodybuilder. I know a chin implant can give me a masculine, more square chin, but when combined... READ MORE

How risky are jaw implants? (photos)

Hello, I have been researching ways to widen the mandibular angle on my face. I only want a small difference, so I have been researching fat grafting... READ MORE

Jaw Implants, Fillers? (photo_

My jaw is very long and chiseled like male models, but I feel like it isn't wide enough around ears. I am wondering APPROXIMATELY how much radiesse... READ MORE

What is the widest chin implant available? (photos)

I am not satisfied with my current chin implant, as it made my then square jawline really narrow. I want a chin that is aligned with my oval (almost... READ MORE

Can a chin implant make chin more broad? (Photos)

I have quite a weak and pointy/narrow chin and am considering a chin implant along with my rhinoplasty. Is it possible to get a more "straight" chin... READ MORE

Very long asymmetrical face - chin or Cheek implant? Rhinoplasty? To make my chin look less pointy w/stronger jaw line. (photos)

Super self conscience about profile pictures, I have a very long face unhappy with the appearance of my chin, looks pointy/wrinkly from the front... READ MORE

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