Weak Chin + Chin Implant

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What is the reason behind someone having a weak chin?

I have a weak chin and I have been thinking about it a lot, I am not good with things in general as normal guys are but I am artistic. Is it the same... READ MORE

Do I have a weak chin? (photo)

Some people say I have a weak chin but I Don't know if I do. READ MORE

I Have No Jaw, my Neck Runs Straight to my Chin. What Can I Do?

I am very self conscious about my profile. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! READ MORE

I Have a Weak Chin - Do I Need a Chin Implant or Jaw Surgery?

When I was younger I had an 80% overbite. After 4 years of braces my teeth/overbite isn't as pronounced. But it isn't as good as I want it to... READ MORE

Are Angle Jaw Implants / Mandible Implants for Me?

I've always felt I had a weak chin and weak jawline. My goal is to have a sutle yet defined masculine jawline and chin like you see in the spanish... READ MORE

Jaw Implant, Chin Implant or Both... Along with Rhinoplasty?

I am an 18 year old male with a very weak jawline +large hump on my nose. I have always wanted to get rhinoplasty done since i was 15 and now i... READ MORE

Is A Chin Implant My Best Bet For A Stronger Jaw Line? Want A Natural Result (photo)

I want to get a chin implant to make it wider and of course draw it out further. overall its clear i do not have a strong jaw. and the chin i thought... READ MORE

Will a Small Chin Implant Be Very Noticeable? (photo)

I'm getting a rhinoplasty, which I'm thinking people I know will indeed notice... but, they know I'm getting 'deviated septum... READ MORE

I have an average overbite, weak chin, and long nose. Am I an Ideal Candidate for Rhinoplasty/chin Implant?

I booked a private consulation with an orthodontist, they said I have an average overbite, and apprently this isnt something that needs correcting. I... READ MORE

Does a Pre-jowl Chin Implant Also Help Project Forward a Weak Chin? (photo)

I have pre jowls and a weak chin (medium size chin implant suggested at 3 consults with facial plastic surgeons). The pre jowl implant was suggested... READ MORE

What is the Difference Between a 'Weak Chin' and Micrognathia/retrognathia and How Do You Know Which One You Have? (photo)

Also, it is common to have a weak chin. The only thing I know for sure is that I have an overbite. I don't have chewing issues or breathing issues and... READ MORE

Weak Neck/jawline At 19 Years Old? (photo)

Hello, I am 19 years old and I have always been told that I had no chin or that my chin and neck are one and the same... recently I have lost weight... READ MORE

Chin Implant, Fat Transfer, or a Filler?

I am 26 years old and am considered to have somewhat of a weak chin. I have undergone consultations with 2 doctors for lipo in the chin area and both... READ MORE

Why is Chin Implant Not a Solution for Receding Chin? (photo)

I went to a plastic surgeon to ask about a chin implant and he told me that I am not a candidate. I have a really weak chin due to my jaw. I can have... READ MORE

Weak Chin/Jaw. Improving Side Profile? (photo)

Hello, I'm a male in my early 20s and I'm just curious of what options I have open to me to improve my jawline / chin. I feel it is extremely week and... READ MORE

Weak Chin and Confused. What Should I Do? (photo)

My chin is weak, but when i bite it seems small but inline? any advise guys? im from London Kind Regards David READ MORE

Perioral Mounds, Weak Chin, Bimax Protrusion, What Do You Recommend? (photo)

I have had these "mounds" below the corners of my mouth and above my chin that make it seem like my mouth protrudes. I don't like the... READ MORE

I'm 22 yrs old and have a weak chin. Am I an Ideal Candidate for Rhinoplasty/Chin Implant?

I booked a private consulation with an orthodontist, they said I have an average overbite, and apprently this isnt something that needs correcting. I... READ MORE

Procedures for Weak Jawline Combined W/ Chubby Lower Cheeks and Neck? (photo)

I have a weak jawline and chubby lower cheeks and neck. Would a chin implant solve all of these or would i also need lipo under my chin and buccal fat... READ MORE

How Weak is my Chin? (photo)

Does my chin look out of proportion to the rest of my face? I personally think it looks funny, but some people tell me I don't have a weak chin so I'm... READ MORE

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